Each of us has a set of standards by which we live our lives. These beliefs are influenced by our nationalities, our education, our social circles, religion, the media, our childhoods, and more. Since these beliefs are the foundation of what we perceive to be "right" and "wrong," it's no wonder we can be very passionate about our convictions. They are what determine our behaviors toward others, and guide us through our daily lives.

While our beliefs are the basis for uniting us with others, they can also be the basis for apprehension and prejudice toward those who do not share them. This type of deeply rooted belief can be harmful and destructive.

Moreover, our beliefs can sometimes prevent us from achieving our fullest potential, even if they are not necessarily harming anyone. For example, let's say you believe in order to make a decent salary, you need to break your back working in a career you do not enjoy. This belief may actually be preventing you from finding a job you love, or from finding a career that does not require such strenuous work.

So how do we free ourselves from these established beliefs that are preventing personal growth, and that may be hurtful to others?

Meditation with aromatherapy blends can help you develop insight, and enhances awareness about these beliefs. Here I will share guidelines for a meditation to bring you insight and awareness, as well as aromatherapy blends for the most common patterns we face.

Begin by sitting in front of your altar and taking a few deep breaths. Quiet your mind by continuing to breathe consciously and harmoniously.

Determine in which areas of your life you feel unsatisfied. Ask yourself:
am I feeling totally fulfilled in my work, relationship, social life, with myself?
what is preventing me from being totally happy in this area?
how can I improve it?
what beliefs are holding me back?
is it my beliefs, my parents', or another's?

Apply one of the following aromatherapy blends depending on which pattern you are addressing.

Take a few more deep, conscious breaths and stay still and quiet for 10 more minutes. This awakens your awareness, tuning you in to your inner voice. Repeat this exercise everyday until you notice improvement.

If you believe you are not worthy of success:
This pattern is evident in those who fear failure, or who lack self-esteem or confidence in their abilities. They have a tendency to create negative energy whenever success is achieved, thereby deteriorating any positive outcomes. This leaves them with the confirmation that they are unable to have success. In childhood, these individuals may have heard, "You should be satisfied with what you have," or "You are too demanding."

In a 10-ml bottle, pour the following essential oils and then add organic vegetable oil to fill.

·7 drops Bay Leaves
·5 drops Lemon
·5 drops Cedarwood

Or try the following Melusine Oils for Transformation:

·4 drops Fulfillment in the morning
·4 drops Hildegarde at night

Anoint the solar plexus and third eye.

If you believe the world is not safe, cannot relate to others: This pattern is evident in those who are afraid to fully reveal themselves, preventing them from having any type of healthy relationship or social life. In childhood, they may have seen that relationships hurt one way or the other. They fear being betrayed by others if they reveal themselves. To them the world is not safe, and they feel mistrustful of others. This pattern affects the individual at a very profound yet subtle level of the psyche.

In a 10-ml bottle, pour the following essential oils and then add organic vegetable oil to fill.

·5 drops Marjoram
·1 drop Rose
·6 drops Orange

Or try the following Melusine Oils for Transformation:

·4 drops Mary-Magdalene in the morning
·4 drops Hildegarde at night

Anoint the third eye, the solar plexus and the abdomen.

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In Good Health,
Francoise Rapp

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Internationally renowned aromatherapist and alchemist Francoise Rapp was trained in the sacred ancient arts of anointing and practicing alchemy by priests and alchemists in France more than 10 years ago. She now lives in San Diego where she holds an International License in Aromatherapy. Her talents have been featured in many national media outlets, including RedBook Magazine, New Age Journal, Self.Com, and the nationally televised program "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." Visit her on the web at www.aromalchemy.com.