The crisp fall weather always seems to bring with it a relaxed kind of energy, making us feel a little like bears anticipating their upcoming hibernation. It's the perfect season for meditation and self-nurturing. Yet many of us feel a sense of guilt when we indulge in activities that make us feel good. After all, there's work to be done, chores to do, bills to pay, errands to run.

Aside from the reality that our lives really are busier than ever, there's a tendency to feel undeserving of the pleasures we so greatly enjoy. But having a positive and sincere appreciation of ourselves can actually bring a greater appreciation of our surroundings, as well as increased clarity of our goals and ambitions.

So realize your qualities, please your senses, nurture yourself, and enhance your spirit. Write in your journal all that you appreciate in yourself. Become your best date. Light some candles at home, meditate. Appreciate the beautiful gift you are.

The following aromatherapy blend and meditative ritual will help you awaken the beauty of your Soul-your true self.

Self-Nurturing Suggestions
·Enjoy a delightful aromatic bath
·Massage your skin with a nourishing and silky lotion
·Prepare a wonderful gourmet feast for yourself
·Get organized
·Treat yourself as your most valuable friend or family member

The Ritual
Find a quiet, comfortable place to meditate. Light your candles. Take a few deep breaths and quiet your mind. Anoint your Third Eye, heart and solar plexus with the following aromatic blend:

In a 10ml bottle, pour the essential oils and then add organic vegetable oil to fill.
·2 drops Rose otto
·6 drops Sandalwood
·3 drops Patchouli

Or try the Melusine Oils for Transformation: Mary-Magadalene. This aromatherapy blend enhances self-love and awakens your inner beauty. It is especially beneficial for individuals involved in self-growth, or who have a high need for validation, are co-dependent, or lacking self-esteem.

Pour a few drops of either blend into the palm of your hands and inhale deeply. Take a few deep breaths again. Visualize yourself surrounded by a gold aura. Feel your body absorbing the golden color like a sponge. As you breathe in, absorb beauty, love, and richness. Exhale to expel any negative influences.

Continue this exercise for 15 minutes. Practice once or twice a day for two weeks, and note any changes in your attitude and surroundings.

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In Good Health,
Francoise Rapp

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