During this holiday season if you find yourself facing difficulties in regard to your business, or possibly struggling to meet financial obligations, perhaps the challenge is giving you an opportunity to develop emotional strength. While most individuals perceive success as something tangible, such as developing a business, overcoming a physical challenge or raising a healthy child, as you fully explore true success, at the heart of it is your level of emotional strength.

As committed students of life, we are meant to use our challenges so that we can learn from them. So often we are expecting things to simply continue moving in a straight line, and when they falter, we become a bit nervous. In the process of developing emotional fortitude, we are in actuality gifted a more quality life experience. Consider the significant insights you receive from a particular challenge? Perhaps it is possible that we rely too heavily on our particular achievements to feel good about ourselves? Perchance we need to start feeling good about who we are regardless of the situation? Even more important are we having respect for the ebbs and flows of life instead of resisting them? In essence, do we have the presence of mind to simply trust that the tide comes in and the tide goes out?

As you delve further into your experience, notice how much attention you place on the one area that isn't working rather than on all the areas that do work. You'll probably begin to notice that the ebbs and flows are only a part of the natural life experience. If you moved in a straight line and never had the experience of coming into contact with diversity or contrast, you would never grow. Rather than fighting or pushing against a situation, look for what you can learn about yourself and build upon your emotional fortitude.

After giving some thought to your situation and doing whatever you believe is necessary to make things right, notice that the only thing you can ultimately control is how you feel and how you react. When you surrender into the experience and allow it to present you with whatever gifts it offers, you are building upon your emotional reservoir. It may simply be a time for letting go, trusting and respecting the universe and all of her wisdom. Conceivably it may be time to notice all the wonderful things that surround you, adding to your feeling good. Maybe it is the right time for simply feeling grateful.

From this place of understanding, as you face your own particular "Achilles Heel," instead of looking at it from a negative point of view, quickly consider that the circumstances are meant to help you expand your consciousness. Instead of running from the challenge or focusing on trying to fix it, stop for a moment and take advantage of it. As you explore this formidable task, without judging it, you will be guided on your journey towards becoming an emotional giant.

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