Do you sometimes lack willpower?
Yet at other times you seem to have such strong determination?

Willpower is the effort needed to make a good choice and carry it out. Have you noticed it’s sometimes so easy to make a good decision and to stick with it, and yet often the thing you want the most feels like the hardest thing to achieve?

There are many issues that we need more willpower for such as smoking, overeating, drinking or cutting out what we know is not good for us. It could be that you continually bite your nails or don’t go to the gym when you promised yourself you would. Or maybe you find yourself reaching for the chocolate biscuits even when you told yourself you would stick to your diet.

Control your habits – Don’t let them control you.

Does your life seem to be running out of control and taking you with it? Do you eat more than you should or have one more drink when you said you wouldn’t? Most of our health problems stem from lack of self control. What does out of control feel like? Overweight, unhappy, guilty? When we are in control we feel so much better. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live like this all the time?

Well you can. You can have something that works from the inside out and lasts. You won’t need to battle with yourself – it can just seem natural and easy.

We intend that tomorrow will be different – now it can be.

It is the power of your unconscious mind which is fighting against your conscious intentions and resolutions – and it’s not helping you. To live the life you want, do the things you want to do and stop letting bad habits have control, we need to harness the power of your unconscious mind in a positive way so that your self-control will be effortless.

Hypnotherapy helps you to change the way your unconscious mind works for you.
Be more at peace with yourself. Be in control of your life. Don’t be so easily led.
Take action and call Penny now on 020 8397 1232 to end your bad habits and regain control of your life.

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Penny Rattle
HPD, DipCHyp, NLP(MPrac), MNCH(Lic)
0208 397 1232
Penny is a warm, caring and approachable therapist who uses a wide range of techniques to help people, drawing on her three main therapeutic disciplines – Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT.Penny is a Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy which promotes the highest quality of training and professionalism amongst its members, ensuring confidentiality and respect to all clients at her practice in West Ewell Epsom Surrey.