How valuable would an extra hour every day be to you?

Ever found yourself saying "I should do that - I will when I find some time. I am "gunna" do that one day, but you never do. Well this time management article is for you. This is part of the time management guide outlining the 7 secrets to Create an Extra Hour a Day?

So let's go through the secrets quickly. The 7 secrets are:

1. There is no such thing as time management!

2. Time is for spending.

3. Crossing the knowing-to-doing GAP

4. Staying Focused

5. Tapping your Energy

6. Don't mistake activity for achievement!

7. Ready FIRE aim

Time Management Secret 7 in creating an extra hour a day is about getting started. It’s about building momentum. It’s about taking action on the things that you know (from completing the other steps) will have a major impact on your life. Getting started is an extremely valuable time management skill.

The key here is to GET STARTED. An example of this is a research study that looked at business graduates and their desire to start their own business. Twenty years later the researchers followed up the people who said they wanted to start their own businesses. Most had NOT. There was one significant difference between those who had their own business those that didn’t. The people who were in business – got started!

Sounds simple. It is -- but don't get simple and easy mixed up. The people who did not have their own business were still waiting. Waiting for the right timing, the right business model, the right business partner, the right economic conditions and so on. I think they could be waiting for the rest of their lives. Are you waiting for the right time or trying to find time to get what you want?

It’s simple, but it is also HARD. You know what you need to do. You now know what actions will have the greatest impact. Yes, these are usually the biggest projects and the most difficult tasks. My clients tell me when they do this and develop the time management skill of getting started, it feels like the task is about half as big.

Don’t wait until things are “right”. If you are stuck, try the ready FIRE aim method. Pick a small aspect of the project and FIRE (that is take some action), look at what happened, adjust your aim and FIRE again. Adjust and go again. AND if that still seems too hard try FIRE Aim Ready. Just do something, anything roughly related to what you want and see how it feels. Then use your new energy and enthusiasm to take more action.

Getting started is often the hardest part. It’s like trying to move the 100kg boulder. It’s very hard to get started, but once you have started it is much easier to keep it going! Momentum builds and now it only takes a small amount of effort to keep the heavy rock moving.

Action Step:
What is one thing you want to do but haven't start? Write down a small part of this that you can get started on TODAY. Do it. Don’t think about the “what ifs…” forget about how well you do it. Just do it and then see what your next step will be.

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Michael Erwin is an internationally certified coach who specializes in Time Creation. He has created a unique Time Management for the 21st Century system. Get the FREE version here. He has collected the most effective time management resources, including time management videos and made them available to FREE at

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