I get to spend time with my kids; I set my own hours, work as fast as I want and take time off whenever I want. For most people this would be a dream come true. I know the temptation for me was to strong and now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Working on line can be a bit of a pain especially when you’re trying to get started. You have to build a website, you have to find a product that everybody wants, you have to be able to sell and ship this product and then you have to deal with customers. From experience let me tell you this is no easy task. I went in a different direction that turned out to be the best thing I did on the net. I started affiliate marketing.

You can set up your own affiliate marketing site which is do able with the right tools and know how. There are site that will help you build your site by walking you through step by step. Then you need companies that will pay you to list them on your site. There are several but you end up working for small bucks by linking to their websites.

You will make a few bucks with a website that’s full of links but to be honest for the most part when people find these sites now a day they just move on. What you want to do is provide interesting content on the web for the companies that you want to link to.

For the most part writing content is very easy. I do it in the form of articles. For those of you who have very little writing ability there is companies who will write the content for you and for the most part they are very reasonably priced. This is how people find your pages on the search engines. If they do find your page and you have informative content then chances are they will link on to your site. If you are dealing with a respectable and honest sight the sales will come quite easily at this point.

Of course there are no guarantees in life and that goes for affiliate marketing as well but from experience let me tell you with hard work you are turning the pages in your favor. With good quality companies, good content and varieties of links you are going to start getting traffic and that’s the key to any internet business. For anyone that’s new to the web affiliate marketing is the way you want to go. You will be surprised at how well it works.

Dale Mazurek

If you want to make money on line then for now affiliate marketing is the way you should go. Most affiliate companies will hold your hand and guide you through the process. If you think your going to make the money by doing nothing then you’re looking in the right place. Internet work is no different then real jobs in the fact that you have to work hard to be successful.

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Dale is a professional affiliate marketer who has come from getting scammed through out the years to becoming very successful at what he does. You can see one of his programs at http://stcajo.netsalaries.com or you can check out his two interactive blogs at http://fishingtutor.blogspot.com/ or http://relationshiptidbits.blogspot.com/