Try to recall the last tragedy you experienced. Think about what it was like and what you were feeling at the time. How did you feel that day and the following day? How did you feel a week later? What about a month later?

Now repeat the exercise, but instead of basking in a tragedy, reminisce a positive, happy experience. How long did the happiness last? If you noticed, you probably sulked in tragedy much longer than in delight.

Why is that?

Why do we sulk in sorrow longer than we relish in joy?

I believe the reason is because as we achieve and gain more material possessions, we tend to lift our expectations up a notch. We need bigger and better accomplishments or more money to feel the same level of satisfaction as before. What we have no longer satisfies us.

This applies to everyone - from the rich to the poor.

Wealth and material possessions are not a long lasting recipe for a happy life. And studies have confirmed this. People who are wealthy and financially stable tend to be no happier than poor and financially struggling individuals.

On the other hand, happiness is a recipe for being healthy.

Health and happiness are related and can affect each other. Unhappiness can make a person unhealthy. Oftentimes, this melancholy and despair takes away our mental disposition, which affects our professional and personal lives. When we ourselves our sad, we tend to be less patient, especially with those around us.

But we can turn that around by learning how to live a happy life.

The choices we make each day affect our outlook and level of happiness in life. Healthy habits are a recipe for a happy life, and in turn, a healthy life. You can change your habits to become a happier person.

There are many things you can do and change to bring happiness and joy, and with that, good health. Jolly feelings can come from simple pleasures like going for walk along the beach or chatting with an old friend you haven't seen in a long time. Anything you enjoy doing, when done, will bring cheer and joy.

A sense of purpose and belonging also brings happiness. Involve yourself in your community and keep in touch with your network of friends to maintain a blissful mindset.

Recipe for happiness also has a lot to do with living in the moment, being optimistic, and accepting the realities of life. Our general attitude towards life and the satisfaction we get contribute a great deal to our happiness and health. When we are satisfied in the moment, then we are happy.

In summary, when one finds happiness in his or her life, the whole body chemistry changes and the internal systems function properly. When one feels happy, they are healthier and ready to embrace the challenges of life. They are more optimistic, less stressed, and more able to enjoy their family and friends.

So what is your recipe for a happy life, or put simply, what is your recipe for happiness? Use what we have discussed here and mix in other ingredients specific to your tastes to create your own unique recipe for happiness, and consequently, a healthy life for yourself.

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