By noticing the early pregnancy sign symptom, you can tell whether you are pregnant before the doctor gives you the good news. So, let's have a look at what your body says.

Tender Breasts

It is one of the early pregnancy sign symptom. Due to raging hormone levels in your body, your breasts get sore and sensitive. Think how your breasts feel before menstruation. It's the same feeling, but exaggerated this time.

Greater Sensitivity To Odors

Don't be surprised, if you begin to dislike the smell of coffee or your favorite sandwich. Although the exact reason for this early pregnancy sign symptom is not yet known, the drastic increase in the amount of estrogen is said to be accountable.
Extreme Tiredness

you are healthy, yet you feel exhausted at the end of the day. Don't worry; it's just an early pregnancy sign symptom asking your body to get some extra rest. Although the exact reason is not known, the hormone progesterone is believed to be behind this.

Nausea Or Vomiting

Popularly known as morning sickness, this will strike after a month of conception. Some women are lucky enough to escape this early pregnancy sign symptom. Moreover, don't be tricked by the name "morning" sickness, as it may hit you at any time of the day!

Implantation Bleeding

Don't shriek in fright, if you notice slight bleeding from your vagina after about 10-12 days of conception. This early pregnancy sign and symptom is implantation bleeding, which happens when the fertilized egg gets implanted into the blood-rich uterus lining. You might notice reddish brown or pink spotting in your panties. It usually lasts a couple of days.

However, if bleeding is accompanied with pain, you better call your doctor, for this is an indication of ectopic pregnancy.

Frequent Urination

One of the things that you will find yourself doing after getting pregnant is rushing to the loo every now and then. This is because, during pregnancy, the quantity of blood as well as other fluids increases in your body. This leads to excess fluid being filtered by your kidneys into your bladder. This early pregnancy sign symptom may worsen with the advancement of pregnancy, as your baby puts force on your bladder.

Abdominal Bloating

Due to the change in the hormones in your body, you are likely to feel bloated. This early pregnancy sign symptom is similar to the one that you get just before your period.

Higher Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

If you are pregnant, your BBT will remain high more than 2 weeks.

Missed period

This early pregnancy sign symptom is surely going to make you sit up and take notice. If your periods are regular and you miss them this time, then it's time to take a pregnancy test. If they are not regular, then concentrate on other early pregnancy signs and symptoms.

Testing Positive

Well, this is the ultimate proof of your pregnancy. Congratulations, you are ready to start a new life!

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