Intuition is an interesting thing. In my experience, it comes on as a strong feeling accompanied by an idea. Religious people often call this being ‘led by the spirit’.

How do you know if the thought or idea is a prompting from spirit, if it’s your intuition? YOU JUST KNOW. It’s divine guidance, although you don’t always get it at first.

Intuition offers no guarantees of success. Things may turn our poorly and in the end work out in your best interest. In contrast, ego based thinking often offers a ‘quick fix’ that may not be the best solution for YOU in the end.

Sometimes intuition goes off like radar. You’ll know automatically what’s in your best interest. More often than not, it warns you of things which are NOT in your best interest. If you don’t listen, you’ll regret it later.

Remember this – If you’re being lead by spirit, you won’t have to force things to happen, and they’ll take care of themselves. Yes, there will be some effort involved, but it won’t be like pulling teeth. The solution has already been formulated and is on its way, it may just take a little time to manifest itself. While you’re waiting for this manifestation, look to the spirit for ‘support’ during the process so that you will act in harmony with its leading when it does come.

My prayer
“May my flesh be patient and trusting enough to look to God/My Creator/my Higher Power/Spirit in good and bad times because this energy moves infinitely forward and backward through time while my perspective is limited.”

Yenitra Love

Author's Bio: 

Yenitra Love - "The Friend Coach", is devoted to helping individuals reach their full potential. She provides support in the areas of:

* Intellectually accessing the subconscience
* Benefiting from your Conscience Guide
* Spiritual growth through Christ modeling
* Identifying and Acting on Intuitive promptings

A life long student, Yenitra is currently expanding her foundation in human philosophy, religion and spirituality by study and association. Her formal background includes years of training in Religious Studies: Biblical Counseling & Ministry.

She has incorporated into her work the coactive coaching model, group facilitation, and creative brainstorming. She is developing a series of audios for people interested in spiritual awakening and has a weekly support call available to her clients. Her consulting work is done primarily on an individual basis by phone, email or chat.

Her academic background includes a Bachelor of Science and Associates degree in Technology with coaching certifications in progress.