I believe that each person is put on this earth for a reason. I believe everyone is special. I know that the topic of our discussion is supposed to be about success but it is about a lot more. It’s about purpose and calling and the power to fulfill our calling successfully. Each one of us is created for a unique purpose.

Look around you and see the various objects in the room where you are sitting right now. Can you find one thing that does not have a purpose? The chair or sofa you are sitting on holds you at a certain level, in relative comfort, and removes the strain from your legs and feet. The book you are reading at this moment contains information that you can accept or reject. Perhaps you are drinking a beverage while you are reading. The cup or glass was created for the purpose of containing a small amount of liquid. There is a purpose for everything under the sun.

You are no different. I don’t think there is a singular purpose. When you were created there were distinct purposes for which you were born. You are a divine spark, an ember of God waiting to ignite into passionate purposes that wake you up early in the morning and won’t let you go to sleep at night. No one else can fulfill them because there is no one just like you. You are the only you that will ever be. It is important to know why you are on earth! Your success and wealth will come spontaneously out of your intense passion and desire to fulfill these life purposes. Do what you love and the money and success will follow.

After studying the lives of the wealthy for twenty years, Napoleon Hill wrote in his book Think and Grow Rich, “Desire is the starting point of all achievement.” I am not so sure that desire is the starting point at all. As I see it, you have to know the purposes of your life in order to develop the desire and passion to fulfill them.

It’s not difficult to get in touch with your inner purpose because you have always known that there is purpose within you—purposes essential to who you are. As you give thought and attention to your purposes, desire grows into a powerful source of energy to make these purposes come alive. Purpose precedes passion.

There is a children’s song that describes what I am suggesting about relaxing into your success: “Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the stream.” If you push up-stream against the current you are going to struggle and strain without making much progress. That is not to say that you will not make some progress but you will do it with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. The underdeveloped ego thinks it has to drive you into working harder at what you are doing in order to be successful. When you relax into the flow of the river or stream of life you will make significant progress floating down river. Although, there is a catch—you can’t float willy-nilly down stream without giving the boat direction. Direction comes from the oars. Without direction you might find yourself upside down from crashing into the rocks. Direction in fulfilling your life purposes and calling comes from within, out of the conscious connection to the life-stream of your heart. By listening to the intuitive guidance within, you will be directed into overflowing success and fulfillment.

In every religious tradition there is reference made to a source of all there is. This source may be called, God, Spirit, Allah, or Jehovah. Every great teacher, sage, and scientist will agree that this source is energy and that it is the basic component of every physical entity in existence. We are not the physical being that we appear to be, but an eternal energy called Spirit. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. As I’ve already stated, your ego is not the true you, it is just a personality made up of experiences and memory. Let your Spirit guide you; don’t let the ego drive you.

Living from the heart and spirit allows you to live knowing there is enough time remaining to do all that you want to do, be all you want to be, and enjoy love, peace, and happiness along the journey. When you look inside and realize the power that is resident within, all things become possible. Life becomes a game to be played with joy using all the tools the creator placed inside of you in order for you to fulfill your purposes with passion.

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DR. JUDY ELLISON is a psychologist, research scientist, success coach, published author, and motivational speaker. This article is a copyrighted excerpt from the book Success is a State of Mind and can be used by permission from the author. She can be contacted through her website