Releasing Patterns of “Dis-ease”
And The Acceleration of Personal Healing

My work continues to confirm the origin(s) of trauma
are glorious windows of opportunity to heal.
Detached and educated observation
can identify the primary holding patterns.
Significant and stressful life experiences
challenge the physical, mental, emotions, and spirit.
Trauma that is internalized, denied or disconnected
shows up as emotional and/or physical symptoms.
The result may cause effects that unknowingly,
are retriggered by the subconscious mind.
This original occurrence can be identified,
utilizing Kinesiology and other Mind/Body therapies.
These create the opportunity to heal
and release the retriggering patterns.
The conscious realization of this synchronistic design,
orchestrates a unique partnership with the subconscious,
the spirit overseeing the transformation.
The patterned responses that have resulted
in pain and suffering,
can then be gently resolved and released.
The revelation of inner truth will bypass the stubborn ego,
and initiate the miracle of the unique,
human self-healing mechanism.

Steven L. Mayber

Author's Bio: 

Steven has over 30 years experience in healing, martial arts and personal empowerment.
Areas of expertise include: Touch for Health, Zero Balancing,
NAET Allergy Elimination and Emotional Freedom Techniques.
He specializes in Long-Distance Healing,
and has advanced training in resolving past trauma.
A deep understanding of mind and body relationships,
Flower Essence Therapy, and Applied Kinesiology,
An expert in accessing the body’s innate wisdom.
He has facillitated several hundred lectures and classes,
And appeared on cable television, and radio interviews.



Office: 847-275-2932