Natural health experts believe that type II diabetes is a nutritional disease, when no other cause can be identified. In other words, incorrect nutritional intake over a period of many years leads to the metabolic disorder that is usually accompanied by a tendency towards obesity and high blood sugar levels.

Will a pill someday be able to prevent some of the most debilitating effects of aging, including cancer and diabetes. It is promising to think that accelerated aging, diabetes and cancer could one day be treated with this natural compound. As a drug, resveratrol may one day be used to treat fresh heart attacks and strokes, diabetes, as well as brain trauma.

Resveratrol has captured the attention of the world's health and scientific communities since experiments from the Harvard laboratory of David Sinclair first appeared in the journal Nature in 2003. Resveratrol is the antioxidant compound in red wine that is currently hyped as the new "fountain of youth".

Resveratrol is fast becoming one of the health buzz words of the decade. With studies now showing that resveratrol may well have significant effects on such cancers as prostate and breast cancer, the news is good. But is there a link between resveratrol and diabetes as well?

According to recent studies of resveratrol and diabetes, there seems to be growing excitement about a potential breakthrough, so what is this all about? We have known for a long time the powers of this super nutrient in stopping cancer and increasing life expectancy, but according to the latest research, an imminent breakthrough is predicted for type 2 diabetes.

One of the latest resveratrol and diabetes studies has to do with a novel function.  One of the things that occur in type II diabetics is that amylin, a protein peptide that is released by pancreatic cells along with insulin, begins to form hard fibrils within the cells.  These fibrils eventually kill the cell.  Resveratrol inhibits the formation of these fibrils, according to a recent study. 

It truly has some remarkable positive health effects for all of us without any resveratrol side effects that are negative. Even better if you want to get the ultimate benefit of it take it in a combined supplement that includes other health promoting ingredients like the one I take which has over 70 ingredients that comprise of products like decaffeinated green tea and turmeric, to name a few.

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So there seems to be a strong link between resveratrol and diabetes prevention. It's a good decision to start yourself on the way to good health with the highest quality dieatry supplements available today, containing resveratrol. Find out more about Resveratrol Is Known To Help Type 2 Diabetes

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