I sometimes stop at Starbucks for short, mild coffee as a treat on my days off. Yesterday, I stopped for a coffee break before heading out to go shopping. I needed a good jolt to get ready to try on some evening clothes at Holt Renfrew, since that could take a while! I sat outside the coffee shop, catching some sun and enjoying the fresh air. A striking woman of about 40 years of age sat next to me. Her girlfriend soon joined her, and they started to talk fast and furiously. I could overhear their conversation, and I was glad that I was wearing sunglasses, so that I could be anonymous as they carried on.

The conversation quickly turned negative and the tone became loud and accusing. The beautiful woman’s name was Susan, and she was speaking to her friend Amanda. Susan had just started a new job in sales, and was manager of an office of about 100 salespeople. When Susan attracted this new job, she was ecstatic, since it appeared to offer everything that she had asked for on her wish list. Susan felt like things were really going her way. Yet, her new job was not what it seemed initially. People in the office were negative toward her. They were uncivil and disrespectful, and sometimes talked behind her back. Even when Susan offered to talk to them, they would not open up and discuss what was going on. Susan went to her boss and asked if he would be a third party and listen in on the discussions with the other employees. Susan wanted his help in sorting this situation out. He refused to help her and told her to solve it on her own.

How in the world did Susan attract a job like this, you might wonder? From my glimpse of her, she appeared to have it together. However, after hearing her conversation, things were not going very well for her at work. If you take responsibility for what you attract, whether good or bad, you can start to understand why things are happening in your life. And then you can start to change those results.

I listened further to their conversation and heard Susan start to reveal her thoughts around attracting this new job. In her previous job, Susan found it hard to stay positive. She believed that good things did not last very long. Of course, believing this attracted even more negative situations. Susan’s feelings were constantly up and down. She admitted that she was sometimes disrespectful to people in her office. When she gave feedback to others, they sometimes thought that her comments were so candid that they refused to work with her again. I could hear that Susan was starting to recognize a pattern in her thinking and way of being. Amanda gave Susan some good feedback on how she was reacting to the events in her career. Susan recognized that she only stayed positive in her career when good things happened. She realized that, most of the time, she had a negative mindset and that she had brought this attitude with her to her new job. Susan had been attracting exactly what she did not want to happen in her new job.

What if Susan practiced more “positivity” in her life and at work? She could maintain a positive vision for the outcome of dealing with the people in her office. With practice, she could do this no matter what was going on. This change needed to start with her. This change would elevate her mood and feelings, as well as those around her. Susan would find that more people would be inspired to work with her at the office. If she practiced this on a consistent basis no matter what was happening, she would have very different results in her life using the Law of Attraction.

As I was ready to leave, I could hear the music coming from the shop. The music softly played in the background and I could hear the lyrics as I walked away…

“So we keep waiting
Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change”… Thanks John Mayer

Perhaps if Susan first changed her thinking, she would not have to wait for the world to change and her life at work could be so much more fulfilling and enjoyable. Just imagine in what big and wonderful ways the Law of Attraction could work for you in your career when you use more positivity!

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