Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday because it gives everyone permission to express their love and appreciation for the people in their lives. We give Valentines to our loved ones as well as the people who make our lives easier like the receptionist who answers the phone all day long and the mail carrier who delivers our mail all year long.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? By giving cards? Chocolates? Doing something special with your loved ones? Cooking a favorite dish or dessert? What are your rituals for creating memorable moments on Valentine’s Day?

Rituals provide unique opportunities for sharing life experiences and supporting our loved ones through significant passages and milestones. Rituals can make the defining moments of our lives memorable, enlightening and fun.

Here is a simple ritual for supporting someone in your life this Valentine’s Day who is experiencing some kind of difficulty. What qualities do you appreciate in this person? Pick out a CD with music or a song that reminds you of this person. Craft a note sharing what you appreciate about this person to give as a Valentine along with the CD. This simple act is what we mean by rituals with the power to make a difference and enrich our relationships.

The authors of Power of Rituals for Women want to hear about your rituals. How do you find happiness and connect with your cherished friends and family? What customs or traditions do you share with people in your spiritual and professional communities?

Share your rituals at so that others may be inspired to connect, cultivate and celebrate the extraordinary relationships of their lives on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year.

Author's Bio: 

Co-Author of the book series Power of Rituals. Power of Rituals for Women released in January 2008. Kelly's has extensive experience in facilitation, mediation, elder care consultant. She partnered with Linda Ann Smith to mainstream rituals, making them accessible in helping people connect, cultivate and celebrate the relationships of their lives.