Dr. Gary Holz is an award-winning physicist in the field of high-energy physics. He became founder and CEO of Holz Industries, Inc., in the early 1980's. His company designed high-frequency microwave components used in satellites and other high-technological devices around the world. Dr. Holz holds over 15 patents used in outer space, most of which are still classified as "Top Secret."

But career success did not come to Dr. Holz without a price. Gary basically ignored his physical and emotional needs and continued to "bury" himself even more in his thriving career. He drank up to 40 cups of coffee, accompanied by 2 packs of cigarettes, a day while surviving on as little as 4 hours of sleep a night. His advanced mind enabled him to not only "expertly" ignore the needs of his body but, even more dramatically, numb himself to emotions—his way of controlling emotional pain.

Dr. Holz's world changed drastically when, at the height of his career in the 1980's, he was diagnosed with chronic progressive multiple sclerosis, a disease that, by no coincidence, numbs the body and brain. By 1994, the medical profession had given him only two years to live due to the liver and kidney damage from the MS. Gary lost all feeling in his body below the chest. He was confined to a wheelchair—a quadriplegic—unable to move his legs or barely lift either arm.

Feeling desperate and depressed, having been a quadriplegic for 7 years, one evening in 1994 Dr. Holz had a "chance" meeting with a naturopathic physician who suggested Gary go to Australia to meet with her Aboriginal friends. Feeling he had nothing to lose, Dr. Holz journeyed to the Australian Outback alone and changed his life—and his belief system—forever!

The remote Aboriginal tribe Dr. Holz would stay with for several months had already sent two of their tribe members to learn the English language specifically for Dr. Holz's stay before Dr. Holz even knew about them. The Aboriginals had been told by "The Big Guy" (who we refer to as God or Spirit) to not only help this scientist heal but to teach him their healing techniques so that he could bring this information to Western civilization.

Dr. Holz is only the second non-Aboriginal to be given the honor of understanding their healing techniques. What the Aboriginals knew, but Dr. Holz did not, was that Gary was a "gifted healer" himself.

Regaining feeling throughout his entire body and the ability to use his arms fully, with limited use of his legs, the Aboriginals told Gary that the rest of the healing was up to him.

Dr. Holz felt that further educational degrees would establish the credibility needed to bring these healing techniques to the Western world. So upon returning to the United States, Dr. Holz earned a Master's degree in Nutrition and a Doctorate of Science in Immunology, as well as attending seminary for 5 years.

Dr. Holz humbly accepts that he is merely the 'healing conduit for God’s loving energy’ in helping others on their own unique healing journey. Since 1995 he has helped relieve the symptoms of hundreds of people and animals with everything from HIV/AIDS to lifetime pain.

Remaining focused on his own healing journey and being grateful for all the beautiful challenges that presents, Dr. Holz continues on his quest to walk unaided while some day soon strolling the streets of Paris with his wife.


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Author's Bio: 

Dr. Holz uses psychoneuroimmunology and the healing arts passed onto him by the Aboriginals to assist others' healing processes. He is based in Washington State, but is able to work remotely, requiring only a picture of the patient. He has had much success with cancer, diabetes, arthritis, animals (including feline leukemia virus), and many more symptoms.