TOPICS: Show 16: Massage College and How insurance covers Complementary health.

Flex Insurance Plans for Complementary and Alternative Health: Interview with Karen Caligiuri shares with viewers how insurance companies are now covering complementary and alternative health.

Karen Caligiure shows how flex care plans work with insurance companies. She explored the process for getting a massage therapy covered and why you always should have your insurance company's O.K. anything before treatment.

Karen Caligiure shares why insurance companies are working with complementary and alternative treatments more.

Massage School: An interview with Cassandra Bauenle reveals the benefits of massage therapy.

Cassandra Bauenle explores the things that are needed in order to attend massage school She discusses the educational classes at Trocaire Massage School and how students are taught at the school. Cassandra Bauenle recommends that you tell your doctor before taking on massage therapy as a complementary or alternative health measure.

The basic idea of an interactive TV show with using the Internet is to bring the next level of TV to Western New York now. Presently interactive shows are being test marketed around the country. The shows are set up for being a total interactive show once the technology becomes more available in Western New York. Once this happens “The ABC’s of Insurance” will be one of the first shows in Western New York to be interactive. Right now the viewers have to get to their personal computer to get more information on the topics from the series. An interactive TV series, the viewers can get more information on the topic after the shows airs from the website.

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The dates the programs will be aired will be on Niagara County LCTV channel 20 Tuesday at 8:30 pm, Thursday at 6:30 pm and Fridays at 2:00 pm, and in Erie County Adelphia Channel 20 the time is 10:35 pm Wednesday. On Wednesday Jan 5, in Erie and in Niagara County Thursday Jan 6 at 6:30 pm, Friday Jan 7 at 2:00 pm, and Tuesday Jan 11, 2005 at 8:30 pm

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Lester J. Robinson FICF is the host of The ABC's of Insurance Complementary Health Series"