Would it surprise you to find out that your mind is so magnetically powerful that you possess the power to attract anything you strongly desire to yourself. How great is that?

Scientists have become aware in this past century that man has a magnetic power that can be controlled. The key word here is control. It is by controlling and directing this mental magnetism which each of us possess that we cause miraculous changes in our life.

This power of attraction you possess is the Spirit within you, the truth of who you are, in other words, the mind, heart and soul of you. Become fully aware of this marvellous power within you and you can indeed perform miracles and if used wisely can gain abundant personal success.

You use this power of attraction in your every day life without being aware most of the time that you are tapping into this great power.. Whenever you think & imagine something, desire it fervently, realize it can be obtained and believe without a doubt that you will attain it, you are putting into practice the laws of mental magnetism.

It is the sole function of the subconscious mind to receive your mental impulses (thoughts) and generate conscious personal experiences. It is through the subconscious mind that your thoughts and desires become a reality. In order to create miracles and attract beneficial experiences it behooves you to be careful what you feed the your subconscious by way of your thoughts and imaginings.

It has been said ‘you are what you eat’. I say to you that , ‘you are the substance of your thoughts and imaginings’. If you are wondering why certain experiences seem to come your way, ask yourself, “what do I mentally ponder”?

Consider what you want to attract in your life? Are your thoughts in harmony with those desires? Can you see yourself already having accomplished your dreams?

Focus your imagination on what you what to attract into your life. Perhaps you want more money, or start you own business, to be healthier, wiser, or have a better marriage. Whatever your desire, conjure a mental picture in your conscious mind and make a determination to attract it to you.

Desire this thing so intensely that it becomes the most important thing in your life. Give life to the desire by feeling the joy and emotions that its accomplishment would bring. This will produce a connection between your and the thing you desire.

Now with you whole heart , without a shred of doubt, you must have faith that you will positively receive it. Realize that now you have, through your imagination, yearning, emotions and faith, firmly impressed this desire on the power of your subconscious mind. With this faith you will now act as though your desire has already been received.

Follow these steps and there will be nothing that is impossible for you. You will have learned to produce wonderful changes in your life and truly create your own miracles.

Napoleon Hill, author of the classic "Think And Grow Rich", pinpointed it when he said "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

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Doran Roggio is a writer, and entrepreneur who believes in the power of thought, universal consciousness, natural healing, togetherness and the god-given right to happiness. At Doran's web sites at http://self-improvement.healing-truths.com and http://personalsuccess.healing-truths.com are valuable resourcess for personal growth in life and business. She also has informative websites on medicinal herbs, cancer, backpain, senior fitness which can be accessed from the personal success partners links.