I have seen and heard the bits and pieces of the political discord among the masses as well as the “Us versus Them” paradigm that faces the United States.

The energy almost feels like a civil war among the populous, as it mirrors how “right” each participant needs to feel.

My view and preference for any elected representative has always been, and will continue to be for the person that cares the most about the people, period.

It is abundantly clear that the majority of humanity truly needs to feel validated from the inside out, whole and complete, so that the warring attitudes can cease, and a bi-partisan approach for the best interests of the masses can prevail.

The “competition” and “do whatever it takes to win no matter WHAT has to be done” attitude can be transformed to truly spiritual, ethical, and responsible leadership and representation.

It is my deepest belief that when humanity heals within, one person at a time, our world and the political arena will reflect this with a win/win approach on all sides, for the best interests of the masses.

There are several people our world has been blessed to have that carried this approach. They sought to help the people rise, sometimes at the cost of their own lives.

Humanity as a whole can never win until humanity becomes humane. Not one person can change everyone, however, everyone can uplift their own self-value, so that it is reflected in their outer actions.

Why is it that so many have the need to be “right”? How can this change to being “fair” with care and compassion, integrity, and a genuine heartfelt desire to serve, rather than “win”?

There is an old saying: “United we stand, divided we fall.” I believe this applies on a planetary level. It MUST apply on a planetary level, so that humanity can prevail in peace.

We are all one race. We are all one people. EVERY person on Earth both wants and deserves to have peace, happiness, abundance, health, and love. THIS is where we can begin: by seeing how much we all have in common, rather than take sides. Our side needs to shift from “me” to “humanity.”

Set the example. BE the example, and many more people will begin to awaken from the darkness of discord to the light of cooperation and mutual benefit for the highest good of All.

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Article Re-Printed with permission.

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