As each of us accelerates on the spiritual path, becoming one with our Higher Self, it is of paramount importance that we take a stand, and graciously speak out whenever we see injustice in any form.

Personally, I cannot stand politics and all of the games that go on within the political arena. However, when I read the CNN report that electronic voting machines were being counted Backwards I knew I had to speak out, and ask everyone I know to also rise with their integrity and voice to be heard, simply to allow freedom and fairness for all to continue.

We can meditate, communicate with the Higher realms, and live a life of bliss and joy. However, it is quite unspiritual to bury our heads in the sand, and not take a stand when we see injustice in any form.

You have no idea how much of a difference one voice makes.

Your voice is crucial to annihilating the lower energies of injustice and discord, by speaking out from the heart, and having the courage to let your voice be heard!

There is no need to fight a battle simply let your voice be heard! Speak your truth and as you do, you will become more of a beacon for yourself, as well as for others that hide away due to fear.

It is one of the most spiritual things in the universe to bring Light to any injustice. Your light exists within your truth. It is crucial that your truth is voiced, in any manner where untruth exists.

That is bringing out your highest nature in order to make a difference. We can only do it on our own, from within our hearts. Never hide away, ever. Allow your truth to come out, and you will find that you feel so much more authentically empowered as you honor and express the Divine truth that exists within you.

© Copyright 2004 By Barbara Rose. All Rights Reserved. Article re-printed with permission.

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