Want a delicious herb that delays aging? Rosemary. Rosemary is a perfect herb: rosemary benefits health in many ways & has no side effects.

As an herb rosemary's health benefits have been known & used for thousands of years by ancient cultures, including the Chinese & Greeks, who used rosemary usually correctly for its health benefits.

Rosemary as an herbal treatment is currently employed for headache, indigestion & depression. However, it also has many other uses as outlined below.

Using rosemary as an herbal remedy

Asthma may be relieved by rosemary's volatile oil which can open air passages narrowed by histamine.

Rosemary herb benefits includes preventing food spoilage as the commercial products BHA & BHT. Simply fold crushed rosemary into meat, fish, pasta & potato salads. Of course, rosemary also enhances the flavor of the foods it is mixed into.

You can also use rosemary for body scent that is caused by bacteria or fungus. Simply mix ground rosemary into bath powder and use normally. You can also use rosemary tea as a bath wash.

Rosemary's health benefits include its effect against infectious bacteria. This also extends to its inhibiting infections from minor cuts. Simply press fresh rosemary leaves onto cut before washing & treating.

While modern herbalists do not generally recommend rosemary for memory problems like ancient people did, there might still be a role for rosemary in cognitive problems. As a tea or shampoo herb rosemary contains certain compounds that may help inhibit Alzheimer's . Drink lots of rosemary tea & use shampoos containing rosemary.

Rosemary herb benefits also includes enhancing hair quality & delay baldness. Give it a shot. At worse you'll come out with very clean hair.

Rosemary has generally simulative properties so it may be a good natural treatment for fatigue. Drink several cups of rosemary tea a day or look for candles that contain rosemary oil.

Scabies is a disturbing condition where mites house themselves under the skin & lay its eggs. This causes infections & lesions. Rosemary health benefits include minimizing pain of scabies by dabbing cooled tea onto affected areas.

Its antispasmodic effects enable it to smooth muscle tissue so rosemary is quite good for digestive problems.

Rosemary can also help relieve congestion brought on by colds & flu.

Rosemary also contains powerful antioxidants which are necessary for preventing cancer, heart disease & premature aging.

Its antioxidant effects may also help arthritis sufferers especially before disease worsens.

Its antioxidant properties also suggest it may be effective against cataract formation. Drink lots of rosemary tea for that purpose.

If I've lost your attention, how about this? Rosemary is being studies for its ability to prevent & treat wrinkles by Japanese researchers. Drink some rosemary tea & use rosemary in facial masks.

Using rosemary herb to improve health

For congestion, make an herbal tea with crushed rosemary. Use 1 tsp per cup of hot water, steep for 10 minutes, strain & enjoy a few cups a day. You can also inhale steam from tea to breath in rosemary?s healthful properties.

As a bath, add 10 drops to warm water.

As a tincture, use ½ - 1&½ tsp, 2 - 3x daily.

For commercial preparations, follow manufacturer?s directions.

You can offer diluted rosemary tea to children under 2 years of age.

Finally, use rosemary liberally, to taste, in meats & potatoes.

Cautions when using rosemary as herbal remedy

Rosemary is very safe to take for most people.

However, even small amounts of rosemary oil may cause irritation of the stomach, kidneys & intestines. Larger doses may be poisonous.

Never ingest more than a drop of concentrated rosemary oil.

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