How to Manifest You Inner Desires

Within each human lies the instinct to evolve. Your desires draw to you the learning experiences that cause you to discern what you like and dislike, what you want and don’t want, and through this process you learn and grow and evolve to realize your full potential. Through this variety and diversity of life experience what you innately want becomes clearer. As what you want becomes clearer your power to manifest what you want becomes stronger.

Feelings of joy, peace, and excitement serve as a honing beacon guiding you towards experiences that help you to fulfill your life purpose. Feeling of discontent, discord and being stuck help you to see how you are moving away from the opportunities to realize your full potential and find happiness. When you are connected with that inner guidance, and to the degree that you do connect, greater prosperity, happiness and peace are attained. This peace is innate; you just need to connect with it by being true to your intrinsic desires.

Desiring has energy. As you think about what you want that desire builds strength. Where you mind is focused energy follows. As you become more focused and clearer as to what you innately want, the energy to manifest gets stronger. This energy can be felt as excitement. The vibration of your intention is transmitted like a radio signal and the innate intelligence of the universe responds to it in kind. Put your attention on the joy of your desire and you will joyously attract that into your life, we see this miracle again and again with our students. Put your attention on what you think you lack and you attract more lack. It is a state of consciousness.

Create a clear picture of what you want in your mind, what does it feel like having what you desire. Be in that state of enjoying it whether it has manifested or is being manifested. Then put your life force energy into the vision, like a light shinning through a motion picture film, the desire is projected into your world. The more powerful the projection the more powerful the manifestation. To increase your power to manifest, connect with the source of life within you. Meditate. It comes back to getting in touch with the source of life within you. It comes back to getting in touch with your Self. It comes back to Self-Realization.

From the heart, Steven

Steven S. Sadleir is Director of the Self Awareness Institute and author of several best-selling books. Mr. Sadleir provides training seminars for corporations and individuals on How To Manifest as well as Self-Realization and other topics. For more information go to or call 949-355-3249.Next training is on April 1st in Newport Beach, California.

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Steven S. Sadleir is Director of the Self Awareness Institute, a Virtual University serving tens of thousands, and author of several books including two best-sellers. For more info or 949-355-3249