When you stroll at the park, go to the mall, have a picnic, go to church or stay at some place, you sometimes see couples of the same sex who look like they feel so proud to tell the world that they are indeed a couple and that they love each other. Opinions regarding same gender relationships, which sometimes result to same-sex marriage, vary with people of different countries and cultures. In some countries, same-sex marriage is a socially, religiously and lawfully recognized marriage of two people of the same sex live together as a family. Many countries on the other hand still do not permit this type of marriage.

It was said that in early Greece, this type of marriage was being practiced. The Greek men and youths who are in their mid-teens or sometimes as early as the age of seven shared a pederastic relationship where a paternal consent from the youth is necessary. This type of relationship was analogous to marriage where there are social and religious responsibilities observed by the couple and it also has its sexual aspect. In ancient Rome, it was told that even Emperor Nero was married to two other men in different times. When Europe was Christianized, this type of marriage was rejected by the Church and the State and it was banned in many countries.

It was reported that the first same-sex union recognized by the government took place in Denmark in 1989. Currently, Canada, South Africa, Netherlands, Belgium Spain, and the U.S. states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Mexico allow full marriage to same gender couples.

Nowadays, where marriage is claimed to have undergone significant changes, same-sex marriage still remains one of the controversial topics in the society. There are a lot of religious and social arguments about it. These arguments have their own reasons where some people would agree and disagree. It seems that for couples who wish to be married under this type of marriage, it is only a matter of choosing where the ceremony will take place.

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