There is a phenomenon going on and it is alarming: addiction to surgery, to plastic surgery.

It blows my mind seeing how beautiful women with almost none self-esteem are willing to deform their bodies and their faces looking for some happiness.

Happiness is not there…

While they get into serious debt, jeopardizing the stability of their families, instilling non-existent self-esteem in their own children, some of them willing to pose nude to get money to pay for the next surgery, feeling miserable after each surgery, the truth is happiness will never happen for them on this path. They are trying to fix the outside while the foundation of their own life is falling apart.

It is incredible and it is happening, not just in the United States, but also in countries where people hardly make $400 per month and they sell their own house and business in order to afford their surgeries. And many unscrupulous plastic surgeons take advantage of this disorder and take their patients money without caring about their final appearance, let alone their future.

This phenomenon has been catalogued as a disorder called Body Dysmorphic Disorder, or BDD. It happens when a person is obsessed with an imagined or a slight defect on their body. An amazing high number of women of all ages and social backgrounds suffer from it. They are caught up in the idea that only the perfectly beautiful succeed in all aspects in life. So they look for that perfection which, they think, at the end will bring them happiness. They do not realise that the photographs of those gorgeous models are touched up with computers to make them perfect. They do not realise that, while looking for the happiness that kind of “perfection” is supposed to bring them, they are forgetting their friends, their spouses, their children, and, most importantly, themselves.

Women suffering from this disorder are just taking beauty away from them, surgery after surgery, bill after bill. They are worsening the problem they are trying to fix. And this problem is inside of them, not outside.

The sad part is when you see the before and after pictures of these women. In some cases you can cry to see how a woman turned from beautiful and warm to ugly and plastic. The impact of these transformations falls on the woman’s family, especially her children.

Looking at a deformed person through plastic surgery is looking at the hell this person is living inside, day after day.

Happiness and perfection are already within ourselves, not outside. The right attitude empowered by a high and strong self-confidence transforms anybody into a true beauty, a complete beauty. Having a makeover or one plastic surgery is just a way to enhance the beauty already in existence.

Surgery does not create beauty. It never does.

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