Have you ever been to a fitness center or a yoga studio and forgot your yoga mat and had to borrow one? Or maybe your own yoga mat has gotten dirty and you’re wondering how to wash it. In these situations, do you think twice about wanting to put your hands and face down on that dirty yoga mat?
Introducing Jo-Sha Wipes, the yoga product we have all been waiting for! Jo-Sha Wipes are natural cleansing wipes that contain soothing essential oils. In healing varieties such as lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tangerine, Jo-Sha Wipes dry quickly and evaporate completely. They leave the yoga mat clean and naturally disinfected while keeping its important sticky surface intact. The wipes contain no alcohol or bleach and are biodegradable.
Jo-Sha Wipes are an invention of necessity. Yoga Journal recently reported that there are 15 million Americans who practice yoga. That is a lot of traffic on those yoga mats! Many students who practice yoga at large studios and gyms may have experienced dirty, even sweaty mats. There have even been recent reports of people contracting athlete’s foot, and other sickness from their yoga mats. Many commercial cleaning products, however, have more dangerous chemicals in them that the dirt on the mat itself! Jo-Sha Wipes with essential oils are the easy and safe solution to this problem. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to heal the body and are quite effective at killing bacteria. Many are even anti-septic. By using natural ingredients yoga students can practice on a clean mat and can quite literally, breathe easy. Jo-Sha Wipes…clean your mat…calm your mind.

Author's Bio: 

Shannan Sanchez is a stay-at-home mom/yogini who teaches two yoga classes a week. She invented Jo-Sha Wipes out of necessity so she and her students could use something natural to clean their mats. Besides playing trucks with her 2 yr old son, she enjoys anything to do with yoga, reading, being outside, and is a world traveler.