To be in the moment is to live in the moment. Too often we are thinking ahead or looking ahead to the next event or circumstance in our lives, not appreciating the “here and now.” When we Savor Every Moment, we are savoring the happiness in our lives.

By sharing the positive aspects of your life with others gives you a great opportunity to savor the moment. When something good happens to you, go ahead and celebrate the event. Tell others what has happened and the significant impact it has had on you. Sometimes we do not allow ourselves the forum to “brag on ourselves” or spread the good news of our life. If you have something exciting to say - say it!

Also, focus on more of what’s working for you. To savor is also to focus. We know that when we focus on what we want to create for our lives, we tend to get more of what we want – like attracts like, after all. Therefore, take the time to relish and enjoy the moments which touch you the most. By doing so, you will find you will create more of these moments.

Take time to look at the little things in your life. After all, it’s each drop of water that makes-up an entire body of water. Your moments, like each brushstroke in a masterpiece, contribute to make up the entire picture of your life.

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