There are various locations you can choose from when you tie the knot. Of all this choices, an outdoor location can be a very romantic and sweet one. You can have your wedding on medieval castle grounds or historic estates. A wedding on a beach is also a popular option. If you would like to make it more private, you may even host it in the backyard of your home.

You will certainly invite lots of guests to your big day. It will be even more interested to have a wedding with the blessing from the breeze and sunshine. This can be done if you are choosing an outdoor location.

Planning for a wedding is not an easy task. You will need to spend months to organize everything. It can take you even more time and effort if you are going to host an outdoor one. One of the things you need to consider is the weather. In fact it is the most critical factor for any outdoor events. As a result, it will be perfect if you can find a location which provides both indoor and outdoor functions. So you can have your contingency plan if the weather is bad.

It will also be good if you can rent a weather proof marquee as a back up. Sturdy marquees can be excellent venues for your ceremony. You have to bear in mind that you cannot control the weather and it is always advisable to prepare for some simple shelters in case it rains. Even if the weather is just excellent, a shelter can also protect your guests from too much sunshine.

If you are going to invite really a lot of guests, an outdoor wedding will be an excellent solution. You will have more space to accommodate all the guests. And you guests can always have fresh air since it is an outdoor event. The children will also be happy too. They can play and enjoy the beautiful sunshine in an outdoor place.

However, you will still need to make sure that nothing will be hazardous to your guests. For example, be sure that you can have someone to monitor the swimming pools if you are going to have a pool side wedding. You need to take every caution to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

You should also dress properly in an outdoor condition. Here the notion of proper is that you have to make sure that you will not get a cold because you are not in an indoor condition. You will not want to have a honeymoon with a runny nose right? And it will be wise to prepare some jackets in case that there are sudden changes in weather.

You can also prepare the food in the reception in an innovative way. You will virtually have no limit for the choice of food. You can really make fun out of your reception. You may even add on ice-cream carts and chocolate fountains in order to achieve a carnival look.

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