These days, many of us are in the bog-swamp-fog of transition. Transition is that Jello-like place on the way to a new identity—a place that defies certainty in the meantime. Maybe we have chosen to leave something behind. Maybe we’ve been heaved off a crumbling ledge--with or without a severance package. Either way newness and “lack of control” have a way of sweeping in and taking our breath away, changing the course of our days, and leaving us hesitating before the Grand Void of Change.

Here’s what happens in transition—you’re left alone with your mind. You don’t know how things are going to go, and so you start making things up. Defeating thoughts trudge their cement-heavy suitcases in and pull out documentation evidencing your imminent and unmerciful doom. They have been waiting for years to show you this evidence and watching Perry Mason shows to practice their denouncing opening arguments. But really transition is a blank screen. You see what you believe, nothing more and nothing less. Take away the props of the everyday known world, perhaps your comforting successes, stare into the void, and before too long you see the buried stories you have about yourself. Most times, they’re hackneyed, but still haunting.

In-between time is acid on our egos. It’s a strong chemical that eats away at our self-worth and self-esteem until we shift gears and make use of our in-between time, not just any use, but soulful use. This is a time to heal and strengthen, let go of the self-attacking beliefs from your past, commit to your true desires and try on the bold apparel of a magnificent future self. This is a checkpoint. You can’t go into the big territory of a new life with the mindset of the past identity. Your old identity must be celebrated and laid to rest. Someone new, yet familiar as your breath, is emerging on the scene.

These powerful times can be frightening, but we can allow this natural process to birth and grow us. We are scared when we resist transition. Transitions are sacred when we enter them, when we are stripped, cleansed, detoxed and purified by them. They are shamans that disorient and clarify us at the same time, awakening a new vibration, manifestation, or expression of our soul.

So watch your thoughts during this time. “I’m stuck. I’m stuck here forever.” “What if I run out of money or no opportunities ever come my way again?” You wouldn’t have that thought unless you also had the thought that maybe you weren’t that valuable, maybe you weren’t that powerful, maybe you weren’t blessed and sitting in the silver chariot of your destiny--escorted by a consistent wise and inspired steed.

It’s easy to look upon a bleak future when your heart is closed down to yourself. But when you get clearer about who you truly are, the life you were meant to live, the love in your heart you have to give, your unequalled value, it is impossible to imagine a narrow path to a dire future. Don’t look “out there.” Don’t take your cues from the screen. Look at what you believe about your True Self, not what you believe about the future, the economy, the way things are, the stock market, etc. Look at your soul, your precious radiant special package. Look at what you think you’d like to express or offer to others in our love-thirsty world. Look at what you know about yourself, deep, deep down, underneath the false modesty, the precautionary “don’t get your hopes up,” the conditioned cynicism of our times.

Go deep, deep down, past old conditioning, to an infinite place inside that believes in you, knows the brilliant and fluid life you came to live. This is the self that will lead the way. This True Self navigates the new territory. And everything that no longer serves your destiny will remain behind. That’s what the checkpoint is for. No falsity can get you through this door. The ancient laments, bad habits, and scornful self-perceptions can’t come with you into the next sweet expression of your life. This is purification time. This is sacred time. Bless this time.

And bless you all--and everyone--who travel here.

Copyright 2002 Tama J. Kieves. All rights reserved.

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