L'Aquila - Trained Scientology Volunteer Ministers have joined the disaster relief effort in the wake of Monday's 6.3 magnitude earthquake in the city of l'Aquila in Central Italy. The 30-second earthquake, which collapsed thousands of buildings, killing more than 200 and leaving tens of thousands homeless, is the worst quake to hit this country in almost 20 years.

Rescue workers are carrying out the search and rescue operation, locating survivors trapped in buildings and pinned under rubble. The streets are clogged with fallen stone and masonry and boulders jarred loose by the earthquake from surrounding hills.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers, whose help in nearly every major disaster over the past decade has earned them a reputation for their indiscriminate acts of kindness and compassion, have joined the rescue workers. They have been manning field kitchens to provide hot meals, setting up tents for the homeless and working with local emergency services to locate survivors. They also bring personal help to the survivors using technology developed by Scientology Founder, L. Ron Hubbard. No matter how hopeless the situation may seem, their motto is "something CAN be done about it."

To join or help fund the disaster relief effort contact the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Consultant at vm@volunteerministers.org.

Author's Bio: 

Linda Wieland is a long-term Scientologist who works for the Church of Scientology International