A group of Scientology Volunteer Ministers who came to India to provide disaster relief, have become an important component in the success of the area.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Tamil Nadu have helped over 3,000 children over the past year. Through the use of the technology of the study, developed by Scientology Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, they are helping young people lay the foundation for a successful life.

Right after the 2004 tsunami, a group of French Scientologists arrived in the devastated southeastern part of India to provide disaster relief. Five years later they continue to help the people, particularly in the region around Pondicherry, a French colony until 1956. They have trained local residents and have created a grassroots Scientology Volunteer Ministers movement. "This has been adventurous, incomparable and unforgettable!" said one of the volunteers about the work they are doing in Pondicherry.

India reports a 61% literacy rate, with Tamil Nadu boasting well over 70%. But even when children know how to read and write that does not guarantee their ability to apply what they learn. And making practical use of one's education is a necessity in today's technological society.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers provide seminars to children and educators based on a chapter of the Scientology Handbook. As pointed out in the Handbook, "It is not that the subjects taught are impossible to study - what is not taught is how to learn. It is the missing step of any system of education."

"I am extremely happy about this seminar on education called 'The Technology of Study,'" wrote the principal of one of the schools. "I hope you will continue to serve humanity by sharing your knowledge, your skills and experience with present and future generations."

The students are just as enthusiastic in their praise for the program. "Before I had many difficulties in my studies and I did not know why," wrote one pupil after the seminar. "In three days, I learned that these difficulties are due to three barriers to study. Now I know the solutions to these barriers, so I can learn easily."

Scientology Volunteer Ministers provide seminars in study technology and other practical tools to help people succeed in life. For more information on the Scientology Volunteer Ministers visit their web site at www.volunteerministers.org or the official Scientology web site at www.scientology.org.

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Linda Wieland is a long-term Scientologist who works for the Church of Scientology Internatonal