In a personal reading for a client who lives in the Washington, D.C. area, the Guides (through Ron Scolastico, Ph.D) gave the following answer to her question about terrorist attacks that occurred September 11 and how to approach this with her young son. They gave her information that can be helpful to all of us about those frightening events. We thank her for allowing us to share this answer.

As we look at the receptivity of this child, he has a strong imagination that might unnecessarily exaggerate and magnify the human response of horror and badness. So, particularly with visual images through the television and other areas, it might be wise to limit those kinds of experiences and reduce it more to an intellectual communication about facts, and motives, and other areas.

This experience, for all in the earth who witness it by the communication media, symbolizes the innate hatred and misunderstanding between peoples about the earth, which essentially has been raging for many years. It is natural that all countries, particularly your country under attack, would be concerned about the safety of ones, the violence, and the protection against future events. Certainly, most of your attention will go there. But, eventually, it will be time to address the underlying misunderstandings in ordinary daily life.

First, you need to address this in the international and diplomatic communications that often are made. Just as with individuals who live their lives for their own benefit, naturally, the international communications are made by each country for the benefit of that country—usually economic benefit. So, there comes through time a misplacement of those who—out of frustration and lack of other alternatives to have their lives understood—are prone to the violence and the actions against the strong nations to which they feel helpless, or in face of which they feel helpless and impotent. So, certain ones of extreme distortion will align with ongoing feelings of injustice. Those feelings are related to the lack of attention paid internationally to clear understanding, and to a lack of sensitive, honorable, and equitable communications during the quiet periods. Such ones will often flare up in such actions as you have witnessed here.

Naturally, the focus of you ones is upon the actions, the violence, the causes, the perpetrators, and the possible responses. All of that will occur and is quite understandable. But, eventually, unless ones in leadership positions can trace the causes of the distortion in those violent perpetrators to a very widespread international lack of balance, understanding, and communication, then there would most likely be ongoing events of this kind.

In each individual, particularly in the United States, there needs to be honesty with the feelings of badness and terribleness that arise. You ones will need to live through those feelings and share them. You will have a complex set of responses that you must grapple with, from hatred and anger, to great despair. And, individually, it is very important to give full attention, full experience to those kinds of thoughts and feelings, to live them, share them, and vent them as best you can. Those who have decision making positions in your society will need to take some action. But, most of you will simply have the thoughts and feelings to cope with. You will have the great fears that are stirred, and that will be your responsibility.

As we have suggested, when you go into the social world of humanity, you take what you have nurtured privately within your thoughts and feelings. So, if you ones nurture hatred, that is what you will take forward to add to the hatred that already underlies these kinds of actions.

This is a most difficult situation. At the end, you will see that the capacity to understand other human beings is the only way that you will find harmony. And, it must begin with you as an individual going forth into your private world. Then, it extends to those about you. Then, it must extend to national attitudes, which then affect international communications.

The overwhelming complexity is quite intimidating for most ones to consider. But, at least, that consideration will give you an intellectual structure. Then, perhaps you can weave that structure into the communications with the child. Always, the key is to begin with the feelings and thoughts of badness. Somehow, work with them, live through them. Eventually—not so much perhaps at this point with your older child—but eventually, perhaps you can give some very simple teaching that would say, in effect: It is quite terrible from the human point of view that certain ones have made death, but death is not the end of life.

The Guides through Ron Scolastico, Ph.D.

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Dr. Scolastico is a distinguished Transpersonal Psychologist, author, Spiritual Counselor, and artist who has developed a unique ability to enter a deep state of consciousness and draw upon a vast source of wisdom that lies outside of ordinary awareness. This source is often referred to as "The Guides." He is the author of four books, including "The Earth Adventure," Healing the Heart, Healing the Body," "Doorway to the Soul," and many audio tapes.