The following seven secrets have worked very well for over 22 years in my marriage and for many other couples too. Follow them, adapt them to work in your own marriage, and you'll be on your way to having what we all want -- a happy marriage!

1. Communicate

2. Meet each other’s needs

3. Learn to resolve conflicts

4. Grow with each other

5. Agree on money matters

6. Love and respect

7. Maintain a commitment to the marriage

Love & Respect
No matter what happens outside of your marriage, it's vital you and your spouse always treat each other with love and respect. There are some simple rules that have worked for many couples. These rules have been proven over and over and are universal and apply to practically every marriage:

Never go to bed angry.

Kiss each other every time you come home, or before going out.

Say "I love you" every single day.

Be polite, and say "Please" and "Thank you."

Do something for the one you love every day - just because.

Occasionally leave love notes to each other.

Don't sweat the little things.

Try something new once in a while.

Sometimes the answers to the most complex circumstances are found in the simplicity of things. Having a strong and mutually beneficial marriage does take commitment and hard work. It does take both people making a deliberate attempt each day to nurture the marriage.

Yet the things you have to do to make the marriage successful are not complex, they are simple. The list of rules above simply addresses the need to offer love and respect on a consistent basis – and to offer the love and respect simply. It is the small things we do each day that add up to make a great marriage.

Share your love and give your respect and it will be returned.

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