I guess you read this article because you feel frustrated in one situation or another. I'll tell you a secret: not many people know how to deal with frustration. Like most people, I had frustrating periods in my life.
Now I laugh about those frustrations.

Dealing with frustration:
Have more fun.

It is impossible to enjoy yourself and be frustrated at the same time. So go out in the weekend, play with your children or have a good time with your friends. On Monday, you will be much less frustrated at work. If your frustration concerns your relationship: take time for enjoying yourself (without forgetting your partner). You will be happier and that will have a positive effect on your relationship. If you have responsible tasks that frustrate you: make sure that you have a good time in other situations. When you get a happy feeling, your responsible task will seem much easier.

Dealing with frustration:
Have more self-confidence.

People who are frustrated have the feeling that their situation is to difficult to deal with. So one solution to deal with this frustration is : build more self confidence. Two bits of advice for self confidence:
1. Say your affirmations. Sit and write down what you need to believe for self confidence. For example: I am self confident. I am able to deal with this situation. I love myself and I am good. Write your own affirmations and say them twice a day.

Dealing with frustration:
Have more love.

Possibly your children are frustrating you. You are angry with your children, but you also feel love and you want to help them even when they do terrible things that frustrate you. If its your spouse who is frustrating you, you can still remember your love for her or him and you want to do everything to help.
When people at work are frustrating you, instead of hating them, consider loving them more. Love will heal more than you can imagine. Both in your family, your relationship and at work: have more love. Maybe you are so frustrated that you cannot feel love anymore. Then take a few minutes and sit in a chair. Imagine a star of light. Send this star of light to the person or the situation that is frustrating you. After you do this a few times you will be able to feel love again. Send your love to the person or the situation. You can be sure that you will receive it back one way or another.

So if you have to deal with frustration, try one, two or all three of these suggestions and your life will become much easier.

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