At the District Toastmasters conference, John Rich gave an inspiring talk in which he asked how many of us had experienced obstacles in our lives. Everyone raised his or her hands. He said he has not—he has only experienced adventures. At some levels, his advice is sophistry. If you break your leg, it may be a learning experience and cause you to appreciate your leg more, but it still hurts and it still slows you down. If you can believe that life is an adventure, you will be a happier, more resilient person.

For most of us, however, this is too big of a leap. Also, seeing every obstacle as an adventure may lead to foolhardiness. Indeed, Mr. Rich described a coast to coast bicycle trip in which trips to the hospital for a broken foot and for kidney stones did not stop him.

What if you ask yourself, "What about that broken leg is an adventure? a learning experience? a challenge? increases my appreciation of what I have?" Your mind is question driven. Ask it a question and your brain does it best to come up with an answer. The result? Your are more inclined to see the adventure. Not only does it prompt you to be happier and more resilient. It makes life more fun.

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