Is your child’s self-esteem spiraling downward because of grades? Do you feel helpless? Inside find out how being a detective can help you.

Self- Esteem and Childhood Wisdom:

A father asked his son, “How do you like going to school?” His son answered, “Going to school is fine. Coming home is fine too. It’s just the time in between I don’t like.”

Parents, if your child feels this way, his grades are probably bad and his self-esteem is dropping like a runaway elevator. Here’s a letter from a worried mom.

A Subscriber’s Letter:

Dear Jean,

“My 9 year-old-son is in 4th grade and quickly falling behind. His teacher has made two calls to home telling us my son is having difficulty paying attention in class. His grades are HIDEOUS!!!

I’m not sure what is going on. I don’t think she is making school and learning fun, and I want to help him!!

We are on a limited income, so tutoring is going to be very difficult.



Parents, self-esteem is your child’s sense of self. It can plummet because of poor school performance. There are 3 ways you can help but first you need to do some detective work. Having been an elementary school teacher, I liked having parents involved. This is some of what I wrote to Jennifer. Maybe it can help you too.

Self-Esteem – 3 Parenting Tips for Increasing School Performance

Dear Jennifer,

I volunteered in my son’s 2nd grade class. When I saw how tired and lifeless his teacher was I moved him to a better teacher.

But before you take such a drastic approach, I suggest you visit your son’s class. As a parent you have the right. Maybe you can even volunteer in his class like I did. Your goal is to be a detective. Find out what is going on.

First, set up a conference with his teacher. Find out if your child is acting out in class, acting sleepy, being bullied, or if something else is happening.

Second, work out a contract with your son’s teacher on what he needs to do, for example, pay attention. He would need to bring a little chart, weekly calendar card, or even a simple note from the teacher every day indicating how well he did that day.

Depending on the number of positive points he receives, you can use the 80 fun activities I sent you for subscribing to my newsletter. He can pick out a fun activity reward with you for paying attention. I suggest you reward him on a daily basis until it isn’t necessary anymore. I’ll attach another reward list in case you’ve misplaced it.

Third, ask your son’s teacher to give you helpful homework that you could teach him at home. You are the key to helping him improve or catch up.

Self-Esteem Conclusion:

Look, Jennifer, you have an amazing opportunity here. You can be a good detective. From what you learn take appropriate steps. Get his self-esteem to rise. When it does, he’ll enjoy going to school, coming home, and all the time in between.

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