What is self-esteem?

High, or natural self-esteem is manifested in a wonderful feeling of inner-balance, grounded on self-acceptance and a healthy, comforting self-respect towards yourself. This is very different from self-confidence which is grounded in what you know you can deal with and accomplish. We can, for example, act in a very self-confident manner without our having high self-esteem.

High self-esteem is knowing who we are and living in harmony with ourselves without needing to have the approval of others.

Why is it important?

self-esteem is important because it determines how we react to the different events that occur in life. Namely, all our reactions are always based on who and what we believe we are – in other words, on how our self-esteem appears to us.

High self-esteem will, for example, make us react in a positive way to the events that occur in our lives, which means that we are free from debilitating emotions and disturbing thoughts, and therefore have control over what we can do to handle every situation that arises in our life in the best possible way.

And this control is a critical prerequisite for enhancing our ability to create success and harmony in our lives. It will also make us feel happy and increase our sense of well-being.

Low self-esteem, on the other hand, makes us react negatively to many events that occur in our lives, because it allows debilitating emotions and disturbing thoughts to take control over us – sometimes this happens on a subconscious level we’re not even aware of. This presents us with difficulties that hinder our ability to handle the many situations in our lives in a way that is good for us.

Low self-esteem blocks real success, inner-balance and harmony in our lives in a demoralizing way. It also makes us unhappy and erodes our sense well-being.

In conclusion, our self-esteem determines what kind of life we are creating for ourselves: How happy we will be, how much success we will experience and more.

We should therefore never underestimate the importance of raising our self-esteem because it has a huge impact on how our life will turn out.

Why did you see the need to write and teach people about it?

I, personally, have experienced the great difference between low self-esteem and positive self-esteem – and most especially –what a huge impact it had on my success and sense of well-being in life.

We once came to this world in order to experience success and to live in harmony and happiness. We shouldn’t waste our lives with low-self-esteem and all the negative effects it has on our success, harmony and well-being.

Inner-balance and success is our birthright and we all have the power to get it. We need to realize that, as long we don`t take care of our self-esteem, nothing else can help us to create real success and well-being that will last – not in the long run.

Raising our self-esteem is the most important thing we can do for ourselves in order to get what we want from life and be happy.

What can someone do to raise their self-esteem right now?

Raising self-esteem is a process, which means that it needs to be accomplished step-by-step.

But here are three things you can do to quickly boost your self-esteem:

A. Be kind to yourself. If some thing goes well, reward yourself! If something goes badly, learn from your mistakes.

B. Write a list on things you are good at – and read it – read it many times, over and over again.

C. Train yourself to give compliments to others, and when you receive compliments, say, ”Thank you.”

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