Would you like a fun way to build self esteem, mind power, and character? Inside you’ll discover how bedtime stories create mind power, self esteem and character. Why not give this self esteem gift to your child every night?

I remember my mother telling me, “Jeanie, you can do anything you put your mind to.” I thrived on her encouragement. You can do the same with your child by using bedtime stories with mind power. Here’s an easy self esteem activity you can use tonight:

Preparation for Bedtime Stories ~

Sit by your child’s bedside
Create a big black imaginary balloon to represent negative thoughts.
Create a magic imaginary pin to pop the black balloon whenever negative thoughts occur. (Tell your child the pin is for popping negative thoughts during the day too.)
Begin by asking your child, “What mind power story should we create tonight?”
Pretend your child, Chris, says, “Mom, I don’t want to go to my cousin’s birthday party.”

Create that story together and include:

positive images - positive feelings - positive words

Sample Story for Building Self-Esteem with Mind Power and Bedtime Stories ~

Parent: “A child named Chris feels uncomfortable going to a birthday party because…”

Child: “Chris doesn’t know the kids. Chris thinks the kids will only play with each other.” (Tell Chris to pop that negative thought with his magic pin.)

Parent: (Make a loud “POP!”) “Chris used mind power and popped the big black balloon. He’s seeing a positive picture now. It is…”

Child: “Chris is smiling at the kids and laughing at their jokes. They like Chris.”

Parent: “The kids acted friendly and Chris began to feel…”

Child: “Comfortable.”

Parent: “Chris said,

Child: "I like this party.”

Parent: “Chris uses his Mind Power and says…”

Child: “I am feeling comfortable at my cousin’s birthday party.”

Parent: “Close your eyes Chris, and tell yourself, “I am feeling comfortable at my cousin’s party.”

Chris: (With his eyes closed) “I am feeling comfortable at my cousin’s birthday party.”

Tell Chris to see, sense, and say it in the morning too. Then give Chris a good night kiss.

Make your child the star of the same or different stories every night. If you do you’ll be helping your child develop a positive character with mind power. And don’t forget to tell your child, “You can do anything you put your mind to.”

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