Can you Imagine a world where all children had high self-esteem?

Self-esteem is a critical reason why people do not obtain the health, wealth, and happiness that they are searching for. Self-esteem is the last hurdle that is needed to actualize what is in the heart… ones true desire.

Self-esteem stems from ones interpretation to a given situation, versus the facts. A common habit of many with low self-image is to interpret the words and deeds of others as though they were intended as a personal assault. Realize that their actions are not personnel, even though they might appear to be. What was said or done is more about the other person than you. This is a perfect example of conditioning in the cycle of health and how it leads to thoughts, emotions, actions and habits. Most of your self-esteem and accompanying issues come from your past.

Only you can build up your self-esteem, and only you who can tear it down. You must live in the present and make your interpretation of all situations based on the facts. A moment-to-moment intention to interpret life in a way that carries no offense will support your happiness and health.

Remember as we spoke of negative emotions, there is a direct tie in here. When the aforementioned negative emotions present themselves and take control, we are reacting out of lack of self-worth.

In regards to health we see the top 3 seeds of destruction grow out of self-esteem; self-sabotage, identity of illness, and victimization.

SELF-SABOTAGE is exactly what it sounds like, sabotage over oneself. Why would one decide to do this, you might ask? It is usually an unconscious act that comes deep within. Self-sabotage is the minds acting out of lack of self-esteem and often times fear. Self-sabotage is when the mind energetically brings in persons, places, or things that will prevent the individual from accomplishing a certain goal.

The best way to take the energy out of self-sabotage is first to realize that it is within you, and you are one way or another responsible for it. Next, notice when it actualizes itself in your life and identify it as self-sabotage. Keep it in conscious thought and take the measures not to let the particular incident defeat you or replicate itself again.

Self-sabotage can present itself in many different ways. Often times it is quite blatant to notice, other times you need to follow the clues until you realize what you are doing to yourself. Identifying self-sabotage can be very symbolic in nature, so we ask you to become more present and aware of the doings and happenings around you.

Examples of self-sabotage …

•Losing ones keys thus being late for a meeting
•Not making a backup of a manuscript while a nasty virus wipes out the hard drive of which it was saved on.
•Starting an exercise program in an over-aggressive manner, then hurting yourself and having to put the exercise on the back burner to heal.
•Keeping the very foods in your house that are not good for you and eventually crumbling to the temptation.

Exercise in Self-Sabotage

Think back to a time, present or past where you have sabotaged an aspect of your health.

Bring this realization into the present day. Monitor your thoughts and your actions. If you see yourself acting out of self-sabotage like you have in the past, take control of the situation, halt your reaction, and list this as a success.

IDENTITY OF ILLNESS is a component of lack of self-esteem that we see almost on a daily basis. Most of us are guilty of this at one time or another.

Due to issues of lack of self-worth, identity of illness is used to fill a void within, although it is shallow, empty of essential values. Reasons for this void can be many; a feeling of lack of purpose, boredom, or denial of certain aspects of our lives that we do not want to come face to face with. Whatever the reason, the source is self-esteem.

This identity often becomes a springboard for larger and deeper imbedded issues that we then seek out to further fill the void such as greater illnesses, addictions, self-sabotage, and self-punishment. Because of this ability for this seed to grow and spread, it is important if we see this issue presenting itself to us, to recognize it for what it is and diffuse it immediately.

Support groups can be very effective in aiding people to come to terms with or even heal themselves. We do caution that in some instances these groups tend to foster the identity of illness amongst its members. Keep in mind you are there to learn and to heal, and yes to listen to others and have yourself listened to. Although, if it becomes a collective energy of self perpetuating blaming and complaining, this is not doing you any good and we suggest you to look further.

Exercise in Identity of Illness

Think back to a time, past or present, where you have practiced the identity of illness.

Bring this realization into the present day. Monitor your thoughts and your actions. If you see yourself acting out of identity of illness take control of the situation, halt your reaction, and list this as a success.

VICTIMIZATION is the most devastating result of lack of self-esteem. If you can walk away with just one message, let it be this:

There are no Victims, only Volunteers
There is no such thing as a healthy Victim

We have already demonstrated that we create not only our health, but the entire world around us. We out-picture what is going on within us, so we essentially volunteer ourselves up to the experiences that create our conditioning.

A victim mentality gives up all responsibility of oneself to other parties. This is exactly the opposite of what we should do to take control of our own health.

The biggest clue if someone is playing the victim card is their propensity to make excuses through blaming, and complaining. It’s is either someone else’s fault, they continually relive and focus on what they do not like about their life, or they habitually make excuses for why their health is the way that it is.

Below we are going to give examples of each of these forms of victimization. Please keep in mind that someone who blames, complains, or make excuses about their health, will most likely blame, complain and make excuses in all other areas of their life.

Blaming is the ultimate in not taking responsibility for oneself. These people will blame their doctors, their insurance companies, their family members, their friends, even their parents. The problem is always anything or anyone but them. They are always pointing fingers at anything or anyone but them. Remember as one finger is pointed out, you have three fingers pointing back at you. For the good of your health, and the good of every one around you, don’t blame (be-lame.)

Complaining is the absolute worst possible thing you can do for yourself in regards to your health. We have already spoken about the universal laws of focus, expansion and attraction. Whatever you focus your attention on will expand and you will attract.

When you hear someone complain, how much emotion is involved? A lot isn’t it? Remember emotion is the catalyst that brings the non-physical to the physical. When someone is complaining, aside from bringing everyone else down around them, they are setting in stone the reality that they are complaining about.

Have you ever noticed that everything tends to go wrong in their life? This negativity is viral, it replicates it self constantly. They rationalize that “of course I am complaining,” since everything has gone wrong. This is the chicken and the egg scenario. Which comes first? That’s right! Complaining is the egg that births an unhappy and unhealthy life.

T Harv Eker in his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind calls these people crap magnets. This is perfect. When you are in the presence of a complainer, identify them as such, a big stinky annoying crap magnet. Their crap will be slung at you. Walk away; do not put yourself in such an environment.

Don’t you think it is time to empower yourself and realize that you create everything in and around your life? Realize that you create your health as well as your illness and every level in between.

We want you to commit to yourself to stop playing the victim role.

Below you will see a contract to release victim mentality within yourself. We ask you to print it out, fill it in, and sign it. Then place it somewhere you will see it often, hang it on the fridge or bathroom mirror, and every day put your hand on your heart and read it out loud. Commit to yourself not to blame, complain or make excuses in your head or out loud for the next 7 days. The first few days you will most likely see residual crap coming up from below. Stay consistent, keep on track for the 7 days. You will be surprised of the changes you see within your own life and of those around you.

Contract to Release Victim Mentality 7 Day Challenge

I (Name Here___________), will not blame, complain, or make excuses any issues regarding my health or anything else such as (list examples here ___________ ____________________________________) for the next 7 days.


Meet Ivón

We would like to introduce you to Ivón. We are sure you have had relationships with Ivón before, though most likely have not realized it. Ivón is very powerful and Ivón does not have your best interests in mind.

Ivón is your Inner Voice Of Negativity. Recognize him now? Ivón is the inner self-talk that plays on your weakness of self-esteem, while at the same time creating more issues of low self-worth.

Ivón then turns the inner-talk into outer-talk. Have you ever made comments like, “I am so stupid”, “I hate”, or “I can’t”? This is the work of Ivón and it begins from within. After numerous repetitions being heard within your head it has felt comfortable enough to make its debut via your voice. This serves you no purpose, even if you “don’t mean it.”

We want you to evict Ivón. He is welcomed no more. He is not only staying in your head rent free, but at a cost to your self-esteem and your health.

p.s.- Say Ivón out loud. What does it sound like? “I won!”
That’s right! He feels he has won over your mind, don’t let him!

Exercise in Negative Self-Talk

Monitor your thoughts and your words. Write down each negative example of self-talk whether it is through thought or through speech. As you do this and recognize it you will be taking the charge away from Ivón and he will realize his efforts have no impact and will disappear.

p.s.s.- Using the Health Warrior Willpower bracelet at each dis-empowering thought will help you to defeat Ivón.

Author's Bio: 

Robert Kress is a registered pharmacist, certified clinical nutritionist and Quantum Reflex Analysis practitioner. Amy Kress is a life time student and researcher of the mindbody and a Quantum Reflex Analysis practitioner as well.

Robert and wife Amy own a very integrative clinical nutrition and pharmacy practice.

Robert and Amy have completed their first book based on the empowerment of health ( and write regular entries at