Self meditation really works. Countless of learned and loving people have practiced it all through the ages, because it clears the mind and opens the heart. Highly educated priests and sages spent their all lives pursuing and teaching the way to illumination. The techniques have been included into the world's great philosophies and religions, and have been used by millions of people through the ages.

The current interest in self meditation has enthused many modern teachers to simplify the ancient techniques, and to strip them of the cultural accumulation of centuries. In this way, self meditation has become reachable to people who may not wish to get involved in a religious tradition, but who do wish to change themselves and to perk up the quality of their lives and relationships.

The state of self meditation can some-times occur impulsively, when all the conditions are just right. However, most of us need to work quite hard at our self meditation techniques in order to get into the right frame of mind.

There are 5 basic requirements:

1. The body must be at ease and still
2. The internal energies need to be in balance
3. The mind must stay focused and not be allowed to stroll
4. The heart must be at peace
5. You must wait patiently, without expectations

You first need to learn how to sit contentedly in a suitable position, and to practice this position until you can stay in it, tranquil yet alert, for 1/2 to 1 or more.

You may need to practice breathing exercises to bring the internal energies into a state of synchronization. Otherwise you will be vulnerable in your practice by restlessness of one sort or another — traditionally known as disruption.
You should focus your mind on 1 thing only, which can be an external or internal object. You should become aware of when your mind stroll as it will and gently bring it back into focus.

Your heart should become naturally passive and serene as a result of attending to your body, breathing, and mind. If it remains disturbed or unhappy, there are many techniques to help you to gain inner stillness when negative emotions beset you.

Having got yourself ready for the state of self meditation to arise in you, do nothing. Maintain your stillness and wait serenely — simply grateful for the chance to receive. You are like a radio receiver tuned in to catch anything may come to you from beyond.

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