If someone were to ask you what is the key element to balancing Mind, Body and Spirit with your daily actions, how would you answer them? Since everyone has a slightly different opinion about what constitutes a balanced approach, there could be a number of different ways to answer this question. However, let us take the question one-step further; what personal trait is a key element in balancing mind, body and spirit?

The answer is actually very simple; – it is your sensitivity. Regardless of what your approach is, you need to be sensitive to what is going on both inside and around you in order to see the factors that separate the world of your spirituality and the world of your everyday affairs. Think about it; your spiritual side is usually accessed while you are immersed in the stillness of prayer, meditation or dreams. Meanwhile, the world of your daily activities is still in constant motion around you. Because both environments exist simultaneously in your life, the key to finding balance between the two is in being sensitive to what your needs are in each. Through your sensitivity, you have a built-in tool that will guide you in identifying your needs in each area.

Now, being “sensitive” is not a label most people want placed on them due to our society aligning sensitivity with weakness. Therefore, you want to start by redefining sensitivity in your own mind. Define sensitivity as a form of increased awareness to both your internal and external environments. Where we run into trouble in trying to understand and deal with our sensitivity is through a comparison of the people around us; we are reacting to stimuli (energy) but they are not. Therefore, we internalize this observation and immediately blame ourselves for being “too sensitive.” Would you consider your dog weak because of its heightened sense of smell or hearing? Personally, I admire my dog’s ability to “sense” what is going on in the kitchen while she is still outside of the house.

So, exactly how does one use sensitivity as a guide in balancing mind, body and spirit? Let us start in the area of Mind. In using our definition of sensitivity as increased awareness, you want to recognize that mind is the part of you that gauges the reaction your body and spirit have to your internal and external environments. By observing and giving some thought to the reactions you are having in both environments, you can observe if your needs in each environment are being met. You can also use your reactions to define what areas of your life are complimenting your connection to spirit and which are not. Most often, sensitivity shows us that due to personal and professional responsibilities, our personal energy may be directed at meeting other people’s needs while our own spiritual needs may be getting left behind in the process. This imbalance can leave us feeling impatient and irritable or even overwhelmed at times. One trait of sensitive people is that we are very good listeners and often enjoy helping others. However, there are times where we spend too much time listening to other people’s problems, when our energy would be better served by connecting with the spiritual aspects of our lives. Again, the key here is to identify what your needs are, and direct your actions to meet those needs

The aspect of Body is where sensitivity reveals itself through our feelings or intuition, both of which are good guides for directing future actions. Depending on how sensitive you are, your body will acquire constant information from the environment around you. One of the easiest ways to increase awareness is to pay attention to what your body is telling you about your current environment. You are probably aware of how your body tells you when you are not eating right or getting enough sleep. Yet, your intuition which often speaks through gut feelings or neutral mental images is one of the best ways a sensitive person can gauge if their current environment is meeting their needs. For example, a few years ago, Yoga was very popular in the area where I lived. I decided to try a couple of different Yoga routines while being supervised by friends who had been practicing Yoga for a number of years. What I noticed throughout each routine, was that my body was not feeling at all settled as it usually did when I performed Tai Chi or worked out at the gym. After gauging my feelings both during and after the routines, I felt these intuitive feelings were pointing out that my energetic needs would be best served by continuing with on with my Tai Chi and gym workouts because my body responded more favorably to the flow of energy that they offered. Another friend, who is familiar with Astrology, suggested my reaction may have been due to my being a Scorpio, or water sign, since water needs a certain degree of movement to keep a flow of oxygen through it.

Spirit is an area where your sensitivity can be a real gift. Because sensitivity makes your spirit fragile at times, through life experience you gain a true understanding of the situations that leave the heart feeling empty or broken. Each of these experiences will teach you awareness of your spirit. In balancing mind, body and spirit, you want to learn from these experiences and react to them by moving in a direction that nurtures your spirit. One of the more common mistakes that can lead to a feeling of imbalance between mind, body and spirit, is by not paying attention to the emotions of your spirit. Be aware as to how your spirit reacts in your waking life and what it shows you during your sleep dreams. Dreams often reflect how well our needs are being met. You may see unfulfilled needs being illustrated as people or situations that leave you with a feeling of loss or yearning. On the flip side, you may also have dreams illustrating waking life situations which leave you feeling happy or content, a useful sign of paths for you to explore during your waking hours.

A key part of balancing your mind, body and spirit is by simply letting your sensitivity advise you on what is healthy for you and what is not. Being a key trait for creating balance, sensitivity is a tool that allows us to undertake the role of being a healer for both ourselves and others. Having nothing to do with weakness, it is but one path experienced in our life’s journey.

Copyright © 2007, Edward H.Bonapartian.

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Edward Bonapartian is the author of Reflections On The Art Of Balance – practical wisdom for balancing your life through mind, body, and spirit, and The Stories Of Our Lives – a story of healing through dreams and intuition. His articles on the healing nature of our dreams have been published in Dream Network Journal, Rocky Mountain Dream Journal, and Reiki News magazine. Edward’s website is at http://www.IntuitiveDreams.com