You know, you really SHOULD be a better person. You really SHOULD go to the gym and work out. You really SHOULD succeed in life.

How do you feel when you hear someone say the word SHOULD to you? I don’t know about you, but I tend to feel as though I’ve done something wrong, or I’m a “bad person.” I even feel this way when I use this word on myself.

The word SHOULD implies there is no other choice. Well, maybe there is a choice. It boils down to me being a “good person” if I do what I SHOULD do, or me being a “bad person” if I don’t do it. Hmmm, which one SHOULD I choose? Which one would you choose?

I’ve found the word SHOULD = SHAME. I can replace SHOULD with SHAME, and it has the exact same feeling to me. I challenge you to test this out for yourself and see if it’s true for you too. If you don’t find this to be true for you, then send me an email and tell me how it isn’t. I’m open to seeing it another and I invite you to show me.

I’m not saying there are things that SHOULDN’T be said or done. However, since I’ve noticed that SHOULD = SHAME, I’ve chosen to remove it from my vocabulary. I really think you SHOULD consider doing it too, so you can become a better person just like me

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Mike Brown is Your Personal Spiritual Life Coach, specializing in the Law of Attraction, Advanced Manifesting, and Spiritual Healing. He will assist You in Breaking through mental and emotional Challenges and moving You towards what you really want in your Life, Relationships, and Business. Mike lives in San Luis Obispo where he is a practitioner at Quiet Star Center for Transformation.

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