Strategies for Renewed Health:
Alternative Healing Do’s and Don’ts

If you are struggling with a disease or health condition that is rapidly developing and/or life threatening, my first step would always be to find the most respected physician in western medicine that specializes in the area you are battling and enlist his or her help.

Next consider employing the help of mind/body/spirit medicine or energy medicine as part of your personal program to battle the condition too, especially when it comes to pain management.

If you are feeling emotionally numbed by a dispassionate routine or spiritually empty from feeling a lack of purpose, alternative therapies can also play a considerable part in your improved wellbeing.

I believe the power to heal lies within each of us but our success will depend upon:

• the state of our physical bodies at the time we decide to focus on our own healing power
• the strength of our convictions
• our spiritual connection
• our life plan

When approaching alternative therapies, keep the following in mind:


• Do take natural products seriously, follow directions and only purchase from reputable sources. Natural products are not regulated and there is a lot of concern over the quality of such products in terms of purity and processing conditions.

• Do investigate prospective healers through state and national organizations when possible, review certifications and ask to speak to current and previous clients.

• Do understand that most therapies are not intended to give you a miraculous recovery. Be wary of anyone claiming that they have a quick, painless and guaranteed cure.

• Do approach your health condition with an understanding that you will need to be a willing and responsible part of the recovery and work at it. Alternative medicine is often more time consuming then traditional therapies that rely mostly on taking medications.


• Don’t try something without assessing the potential risks to yourself first. If you decide to proceed with a therapy that involves a radical shift in diet or regiment, have your traditional physician monitor your health during the therapy.

• Don’t be discouraged if you try one alternative method and it doesn’t give you the expected results. You may have worked on something else or you may not have resonated with the healer you worked with.

• Don’t try combinations of therapies at one time unless directed to do so by a reputable Naturopathic Doctor, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor or other respected Holistic Practitioner. Your body would likely become confused and not know what direction to take so that none of it would be helpful. If you do have positive results, you would also not know what was helping and what was not.

Health challenges are often designed to make us and those around us slow down and examine our lives—how we live them, what we value, where we spend our time and how we engage in relationships.

Regardless of the means you choose to address your condition, keep these questions in mind.

And remember: Life is an adventure---live it richly!

Author's Bio: 

Connie Siewert is the author of The Skeptic’s Guide to The Adventures of Life-an experiential review of alternative healing. Her book offers a fun, easy to read, informative look at alternative medicine and covers Connie’s journey through a wide range of healing modalities including past life regression, healing touch, trauma release, guided imagery, reiki, shamanism, medical intuitive, distance healing, color therapy, mineral therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, sound therapy, equine assisted psychotherapy and spiritual counseling. As a result of her healing experiences, Connie was able to significantly improve her lung condition, eliminate the pain and stiffness from arthritis in her knee and improve her overall wellness. For more information, please visit: