Do you currently have a steady job? If you do, are you happy and feeling secure there? Things might be good for you at work at this time but that can change. There might come a time when you will have to move on. You will learn how to discover signs that tell you to look for a new job.

You Experience Boredom, Misery or Exhaustion

If you are bored or miserable or you often go home physically or emotionally tired, something must be done. If you cannot work out a way to work under conditions that will make you happy, stimulated and invigorated, look for a new position.

You Are Treated Poorly

Face reality. There is a very low chance you will ever have a job where your supervisors and fellow workers always treat you perfectly because we are all human and treat others improperly, at least once in a while. We all have a bad day or perhaps experience a traumatic event at one time or two. However, if you are treated poorly at work occasionally, seek another company to work for.

There is a Lack of Challenges

If you believe every task you do is too easy and unfulfilling, ask your supervisor to assign you work that is more challenging. If you cannot find a task that will help you develop or hone your skills in order to be an exceptional employee and a great candidate for future positions, try to find a new job.

There is No Room for Advancement or Movement

Always put yourself in line to be promoted or transferred to a position you will like more than your current position by trying to be a very productive employee. Let your superiors know about your goals and accomplishments. If adhering to these suggestions does not work and you really are stuck in a dead-end job, you know it is time to move on.

You Get a Bad Performance Review or Low Workload

If your latest job performance review is lousy and you are not allowed to have much responsibility, learn what you can do better and implement the necessary steps. Periodically check with the bosses to see how you are progressing. If you cannot make much improvement and your workload is shrinking, seek another job.

You Are Denied a Promotion, Raise or Invitation

If you are suddenly denied a promotion, raise or invitation to attend meetings or other job functions, seek an explanation from your boss. If this is not an oversight and other employees have just been rewarded or asked to do things while you were left out, you are in grave danger of losing your job.

You Receive Warnings

If you are frequently warned or reprimanded, look for a new job.

Your Sense of Dignity is on the Line

If you have done everything you can to make your job enjoyable but cannot make it happen, you must find something else to do. Nine years ago, I suddenly quit my job because I was frequently mistreated, my boss never followed her promise to pay me more for improving my production and I was confident about finding another job soon due to the booming American economy. I will never again quit a job without finding a new one first; however, my sense of dignity is intact because I did not let myself continue to work at a job that made me miserable. I am having fun working for myself by constantly taking surveys and writing articles online while waiting for the economy to improve.

Keep these signs in mind to be aware of when you must look for a new job!

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