Life is about energy. Everything ... living or not, material or not ... contains energy. You, as a living human being, are certainly complex cluster of energy. Everything you know and can possibly comprehend also contains its own special kind of energy ... including the rocks you walk on and the thoughts that pass in and out of your mind.

Astrology is about energy, too, and the metaphors that describe various clusters, cycles, and constellations of energy. These cycles are divided into the signs of the Zodiac -- there are twelve of them -- and beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces they describe the various steps in the evolution of the creative process. These metaphors are also contained in the meanings ascribed to the 8 planets plus the Sun and the Moon which astrologers use to describe the different facets of a person's character -- or the qualities of an unfolding event.

Finally, the circular chart of the horoscope is broken into twelve compartments called "houses" which detail the various areas of interest and involvement in any person's life. The synthesis of all these things creates the "chart'" in which a personality and the environment in which it must function is revealed, both as a permanent statement (the birth chart ... the Natal Chart) and as a developing and evolving entity -- the transits and the various charts used to forecast trends and experiences.

It sounds like a lot to keep in mind, and I won't deny Astrology is a fairly complex subject. But it can be mastered a piece at a time until it becomes automatic ... second nature ... just the way you once upon a time had to think about balance and motion and putting one foot in front of the other as you learned to walk, or balance and motion and steering as you learned to ride a bicycle. Now, you can do these things without thinking. As the saying goes, "You never forget how."

The process of learning starts with a description of the various energies contained in the signs of the Zodiac. As you will discover, a person is a combination of many of these energies ... not just one. I suggest you think of the various signs, houses, and planets as different "colors" ... and then consider how many, many different shades could be concocted from thirty-four primary colors -- not just three.

That gives you at least a partial idea of why people are as different and complex as they are -- despite the basic qualities common to those born under the same Sun sign, which is what a person means when he says he is a Capricorn or a Libra. Add the "color" of a person's emotional make-up -- his Moon sign energy -- to that of his Sun sign, and you get a variation of Capricorn or Libra -- unlike the other eleven. Add his intellectual perspectives -- his Mercury sign energy -- to this blend and now you have an even more distinctive person.

Keep going until the mix is complete, and suddenly you have the "perfect recipe" ... or the "perfect color," that like the fabulous signature dish you always serve at the holidays or the distinct shade that exists in every item in your wardrobe, you find the unmistakable and oh-so-perfect expression of the individual you are. This ... is your horoscope.

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