Signs of a cheating wife are subtly different to those of a cheating husband. Statistics tell us that 50% of men who think their partner is cheating are right.

If you suspect your wife might be cheating on you behind your back here are 10 signs that you need to look out for:

1. She pays more attention to her appearance. This could be with her changing her hairstyle, changing her perfume, taking more time doing her hair and nails, or buying new clothes.

2. She makes a conscious effort to lose weight. This might also involve her joining an exercise or yoga class.

3. She spends more time 'out with the girls' or having a drink after work.

4. She takes up a new activity such as enrolling on a course or an evening class.

5. She buys you little gifts. This could be a way to keep you off the scent or just because she's feeling guilty.

6. You notice a difference in your sex life (better, worse or just different).

7. You detect smells of aftershave on her clothes which is different to the type you use.

8. She gets more private when taking phone calls, either by going into a different room to speak or leaving the house soon after the phone rings.

9. She starts receiving suspicious voicemail messages, or you notice new cell phone numbers stored and dialed.

10. She spends more time online than before.

These signs of a cheating wife may not mean anything in isolation, but if you notice a number of them happening you should take them as a warning sign that there's probably something going on.

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If that's the case, here's what you must do next...

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