Most people in the world have a lot to get done. There are some projects that are so to overwhelming to us that we procrastinate doing them for as long as possible. Then we get more projects and it starts to pile up on us until we don't even know where to start.

But then there's that person we all seem to know who is never ruffled by problems like this. Their life is calm, collected, and they never 'wig-out.' How do they do it? How do they look all those monster-projects in the face and laugh as they sweep them away?

While there are some techniques that work better for some than others there is on technique that works for anyone on any project. This technique is simple. It's simply breaking down your project into more manageable pieces.

When most of us decide to do something it sounds a lot like 'clean the house', or 'increase productivity.' The truth is thinking of a project in such broad terms is overwhelming, stressful, and leaves room for procrastination.

Breaking projects down into bite-sized pieces is easy, and this is where you really start personalizing it. For some people, deciding to focus on the living room before moving on to anything else is enough of a starting place. But if you're still stumped, maybe you need to focus on picking everything up off the floor first thing. Whatever it is, narrow it down until you have a starting point that really does get you started. Even if you have to break the list down into pieces like 'dust lamp' or 'reorganize pencil-holder', do it. If it helps you to complete your task, that's all that matters.

Before you start any project don't just think about what needs to get done. Write it down! You can't think of all the things you need to do as you're doing them. It will all blend right back up together as 'cleaning the house.'

The best part about breaking a project down is that you can feel a sense of accomplishment every time you get a few things done. While you might not have cleaned the entire house you did get the living room done. Plus, when you break things down it helps you not try to multitask. Multitasking is good in a sense but usually more a distraction.

By breaking down your projects into small, manageable pieces that provide you with a very clear starting point, you increase your chances of getting your projects done. You also boost your moral by accomplishing lots of little things that amount to big things. It's way better than not getting anything done at all because the monster and his posse ate you alive.

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