n a recent Woman's World Magazine entitled "Hollywood's hot new FAT-MELTING BODY WRAP! Try it at home!", three natural ingredients to create a simple in-home body wrap were listed. The articled explained that you can do your own Spa body wrap in the comfort of your own home inexpensively.

Body wraps have been offered for years by health spas, fitness spas and franchised facilities. Some reported spending as much as $150 for this treatment. After a wrap, spa clients have reported that their skin felt softer, their skin felt tighter,experienced a diminished appearance of cellulite and even a loss of inches. Results varied for each person.

Danielle Sims of WrapYourselfSlim.com has been an advocate of making simple body wrap formulas at home for over 4 years. She provides an ebook titled "Wrap Yourself Slim: Body Wraps Exposed" which contains recipes,instructions, and other supporting information to successfully acheive a spa-style body wrap. The book has been available online since October 2000 and has been very popular among health enthusiasts and "do-it-yourselfers".

Danielle says:
"It's wonderful that more and more, people are realizing that they can acheive the same spa body wrap inexpensively at home with a minimum of three simple ingredients. When I first came out with my book in 2000, it was not that well known. Now we are seeing articles in mainstream magazines."

About ten years ago, Danielle explored her library of alternative health, herbal books, and aromatherapy books and created a blueprint for making her own body wrap formulas. She discovered that some of the natural supplements on the market possessed the same benefits as the body wrap formulas.

"I have always enjoyed creatin and preparing my own cosmetics, lotions, and potions so this was just one more thing that I wanted to learn how to do. It was years before I realized that I can provide others with information to make their own body wrap too." says Danielle.

Wrap Yourself Slim gives detailed information on the body wrap process as well as giving the reader recipes or "formulas" for making them at home. This book describes the readily available natural ingredients that are used in tese body wrap formulas. It contains a quick reference chart that lists each ingredient and charts their properties related to body wrap benefits.

The book is only available via the internet as an electronic book. Two easy to read formats are available; PDF and an executable webpage version. This format allows instant access after purchase. The reader is able to print the book or read it on their computer.

You can find out more information on Wrap Yourself Slim: Body Wraps Exposed at http://www.wrapyourselfslim.com.

Author's Bio: 

Danielle Sims explored her library of alternative health,herbal books, and aromatherapy books and created a blueprint for making her own body wrap formulas at home. For more information visit Danielle's website http://www.wrapyourselfslim.com