Today I have a request for everyone reading this. It is about something that truly irritates me.

So, in the keeping of “ask for what you want”, I am asking my request today. I do feel that etiquette is missing from a lot of areas in our lives today. It may seem old fashioned to some people, but good manners can go a long way. Therefore I am requesting that everyone who reads my blog today, follows this request…. please.

When you wish to forward a funny/sad/relevant email that you have received onto your friends/family etc. after you hit the forward button… take a moment to……….delete all the names that the email has been sent to and from. Just send the actual stuff you want the person you are sending it to, to read. I counted the names on an email that had been sent to me today, of all the previous recipients etc. There were 502 names and emails on there. If I chose to spam those people (use their emails to send unsolicited email to) it would be easy to do so - all the information is there on the page. Not only that, but your name and email gets sent along as well, and could end up in who-knows how many other people’s emails.

My second point is that I don’t want to have to scroll down all those names to get to see what my friend has sent me. It is just polite to delete the names

Thirdly (because I am asking for what I want today), if you don’t want everyone you send the email to to have the names of the other people you send the email to, do this… click on the ‘to’ button and put their names in the BCC box, not the TO or CC box. Give it a go and see how easy it is.

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