Positive thinking has many benefits. Research has shown that positive thinking can aid in healing the sick or can help a sick person heal faster than he or she normally would. There have been clinical studies in which two groups of people where told that they had been given a drug to improve their condition. One group of people received a drug for their treatment. The other group only received a placebo for their treatment. The results of the group who where given the placebo showed a significant improvement in their condition although they had not actually received any drug treatment. Apparently the group who received the placebo improved because they believed that they had received the drug treatment. Their positive disposition seemed to have contributed to their wellness. Studies have also shown that positive thinking is calming to the nerves. When a person has positive thoughts the brain produces chemicals called endorphins which when released, produce a feeling of well being in a person. People who have a sense of well being are happier people and tend to get along better with others.

Change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts!

Daily affirmations can empower you to change your negative thought patterns into positive ones. Simply write down a few positive statements and read them to yourself every morning.

Self talk is another way to empower yourself. When you catch yourself thinking negatively, simply reverse the negative thought by looking at things in a positive light.

Keep a journal about your progress. Keeping a journal is a good way to express yourself as well as a good way to see how you are improving!

Take Positive Action!

Positive action reinforces positive thoughts . But before you take action you need a “plan of action”. For instance, "The Handbook To Conquer Shyness" offers a step-by-step "plan of action" for someone who is interested in overcoming shyness. (See conquershyness.com)

If you are serious about changing your shyness and becoming a self-confident and assertive person, take a look at The Handbook to see all that it has to offer you!

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Terry Smith is the auther of "The Handbook To Conquer Shyness"
which can be purchased at conquershyness.com