The Anti-Christ and his ilk have now irritated Jesus the Christ. Jesus the Christ taught God Loving spiritual techniques to people. The Roman Empire in 325 AD forcibly acquired "Christianity" and eliminated the God Loving Techniques of Jesus the Christ. Roman emperors to perpetuate their empire, retain their power over others and to maintain a constant flow of wealth into Rome, took over "Christianity" and created the Vatican City within Rome. They mutilated the philosophies of Jesus to create God fearing "Christians" who fear God because they follow the Satanic way of life by seeking wealth, self recognition and/or power over others.

However, now George Bush and his type of God fearing "Christians" are trying to forcibly spread their Satanic ways of living worldwide through military and economic intimidation.

Jesus has appeared and said enough is enough. He said the time for "Rapture" or the Group Ascensions draws near. Christ also said, "Today's Christians are God fearing and not God Loving. They have followed the path of the false prophets. I warned them to Beware of false prophets and told them they will know the false prophets by the fruits which they bear. My techniques, teachings and philosophies spread in the early days because those who followed my practices became the living examples of Unconditional Love which they spoke about. My teachings did not spread through technological toys or weapons of war. Defend always but never attack."

Thus, Jesus has requested us to make certain changes in the Sacred Merkaba Techniques immediately.

Effective immediately there is a new level to the Sacred Merkaba Techniques which has been called for 2,000 years the Christ's Light Techniques for Enlightenment. The Christ's Light Techniques have nothing to do with today's "Christianity" as today's "Christian" churches are filled with false prophets who worship money over people and spread hate.

The Christ's Light Techniques contain extremely powerful accelerators for one's spiritual growth.

These are indeed the "End Times" and thus the wondrous Christ's Light Techniques from 2,000 years ago will now be made available once again. (For 2,000 years the fathers of certain bloodlines have taught their first born sons certain sacred knowledge and techniques. These wondrous techniques have not been openly taught for 700 years.)

In the last seven years, thousands of potential teachers of the Christ's Light Techniques began their training as practitioners and teachers of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques. Only the Best of the Best have survived the spiritual tests and blessons in life which have unfolded for every teacher. Each active teacher has spiritually grown into the Sun of God level of Creation by properly teaching others the Multi-dimensional Sacred Merkaba Techniques. Only the Best of the Best of the Best of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques Teachers qualify to become Christ's Light Techniques Teachers.

Jesus came to Earth as a 10th dimensional Solar Sun of God to help humanity. Mature 10th dimensional Solar Suns of God travel throughout their galaxy in order to serve God, gain experiences and Ascend into becoming 11th dimensional Galactic Suns of God. Jesus chose to descend in consciousness and incarnate at the 3rd dimensional level upon planet Earth in a very dangerous service to others mission to help humanity. Jesus, 2,000 years ago, became a Christed One, or Jesus the Christ, a 12th dimensional Universal Sun of God as a result of his service to others work on planet Earth over the millenniums. (The 10th dimensional Solar Sun of God known as Jesus became an 11th dimensional Galactic Sun of God thousands of years earlier in his incarnation as Shiva).

Preparation for the Sacred Merkaba Techniques Group Ascension has begun and testing is underway. Preparation for the "First Wave" will now include the release of the Christ Light Techniques to those teachers and practitioners of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques who are ready. Thus, the time has come to release the ancient and wondrous Christ's Light Techniques not to Christians but to all regular practitioners of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques.

Effective immediately Step 1 of the Christ's Light Techniques is available to all regular English speaking practitioners of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques. Email Miriam at if you are interested in the Christ's Light Techniques. (Step 1 is open to all people, however one will have to be regularly practicing the Basic Scared Merkaba Techniques for 3 months before they are qualified and ready to receive Steps 2 and 3 of the Christ's Light Techniques.)

Author's Bio: 

Gary Smith, founder of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques, is a man born in the 1930's who lives in a remote location on the Oregon coast by himself. He spends most of his time in silence, meditating and praying 8 to 16 hours each and every day. Gary's in-depth spiritual journey began with learning Transcendental Meditationfrom Charlie Lutz in 1968. He personally received his teaching certification from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1972 and was invited to join Maharishi's personal staff. Gary left TM in 1980 to began a spiritual odyssey to find Enlightenment and go beyond Enlightenment in this lifetime. During 1980 - 1995, he enjoyed manycelestial experiences from using a variety of spiritual techniques and methods. He was introduced into the secret ceremonies, techniques and prayers of Tibetan Buddhism, Mystic Christianity, Taoism, Sufism, Hinduism and indigenous peoples, including a 2 week period that Gary spent in the Sonoran desert fasting and on avision quest with Cherokee, Papago and Yaqui shamans.

Gary is also a Certified Public Accountant who has worked internationally in management positions for several global corporations. His first career was in thermodynamics during the 1950's when he worked as a technical engineer on rocket propulsion systems. In the 1960's he returned to college for a business degreeand obtained his CPA certification. In the early 1990's Gary spent a year in the South Pacific, as general manager of a supermarket.

In 1995, after partially remembering his spiritual background and how he came to planet Earth from the 10th dimensional Sun of God level, he walked into a nearby new age bookstore where a book promptly fell on his head, resulting in a clerk recommending a video for him to rent. By just watching a video tape, he instantlyre-learned the Basic Star Tetrahedron Merkaba Activation. Immediately Gary began receiving information from various 6th dimensional Lord Melchizedeks on doing more in depth chakra cleanses, activating the more powerful pranic energy centers and how to activate higher dimensional Merkabas. Many Lord Melchizedeks began appearing to Gary in 1995 and continued to teach him throughout most of the 1990's. Gary has been able to pass his many difficult spiritual tests because he has meditated each and every day since 1995 when he first learned the basic level Merkaba activation by watching a rented video tape. His daily meditations performed unceasingly have enabled him to receive the new merkaba activation techniques and other new spiritual methods which have became the "Sacred Merkaba Techniques".

One evening in 1997, while Gary was Chief Financial Officer for an Oregon corporation, a Lord Melchizedek, Jesus the Christ and Archangel Michael appeared in his home. Upon manifesting in his meditation room, they requested he drop everything else in his life, in order to travel and teach the all encompassing "Sacred Merkaba Techniques" which he had been taught by the three of them and other Lord Melchizedeks. Gary thus left his CFO position, dropped everything else in his life and began traveling and teaching the Sacred Merkaba Techniques. It was late in the summer of 1997, when he drove off by himself on a 7 week, 13,000mile spiritual odyssey, teaching 26 workshops in 14 cities. Many "Blessons" unfolded for Gary during this trip, one was a special initiation performed by a Lord Melchizedek in Phoenix, AZ. Another occurred on the east coast when Gary healed a deaf woman and watched a cascade of tears flow when she heard a voice for the first time. But it was during his Chicago workshop when Gary was tested to the fullest when he was severely Attacked from two directions through psychic means. One attack used technological equipment to enhance thought projection, while the second was a more powerful mental attack directed at him by a 6th dimensional Satan Melchizedek. (See article on Melchizedeks for more information on the Lord Melchizedeks and Satan Melchizedeks.) The double attack began at 10:30 pm on Saturday night and did not stop until 4:30 am Sunday morning. In 1997, Gary was in the early days of his Enlightenment and had not passed enough spiritual tests to have been given any Light Warrior training. Thus when attacked, all he could do was pray and project the Unconditional Love coming to him from God, in the directions of the two attacks while all the time constantlygiving thanks to Mother Father Creator God of All That Is for the Blesson of these attacks. Six hours later, he successfully passed this particular Melchizedek level spiritual test.

By 1999 after almost 3 years without a day off, sometimes working 18 - 20 hours a day teaching and promoting the Sacred Merkaba Techniques, Gary was quite tired. As he began to prepare for a 2 month 1999 European teaching tour, a Lord Melchizedek appeared to say this time he would not return. Now, Gary hadvolunteered for other spiritual missions with the Lord Melchizedeks where his chances of survival were less than 10%, but this was the first time his chances of returning were zero. The first workshop was in Geneva, Switzerland. Gary suffered 12 heart attacks while giving the 2 day workshop. However, he keptinstantly healing himself and people in the workshop did not even know anything had happened. Afterwards he went to the great Knights Templar built Cathedral to Mary in Chartres, France. Inside in a small shrine, Mary, mother of Jesus, appeared and healed Gary after he passed a test in the Cathedral. He thought he might be returning home, but as he approached Holland there were ominous signs. Upon arrival in Holland to give a 9 day intensive after an all night drive, Gary went out to eat but not speaking Dutch, he could only point to a picture on the wall of a chicken and rice meal. Gary's body has a peanut allergy, just eating a small piece of a peanut is deadly. A severe cold from a healing he gave teaching in Iceland during a cold and windy storm, kept Gary from smelling anything. After swallowing a mouthful he felt funny and with the second bite, he knew it was peanut sauce on the rice. His body slumped sideways against the wall as his body immediately died of toxic shock poisoning. Gary refused to let go of his body and pleaded with God to give him 11 more days to complete the 9 day teacher training session he was scheduled to teach in two days. Then, with God's help, he was ableto transform most of the deadly toxins into spiritual energies and cellularly stored the rest throughout his body. He was staying in a Dutch new age center, a former convent to Mary and decided to shower in case his body did die. He was walking down a narrow hallway dragging one leg behind him due to the remaining toxic poisoning still in his system, when suddenly a woman leaped out of a doorway at him and inches from his face, she screamed at the top of her lungs. Then, she laughed and disappeared. Gary's body went into "fight or flight" mode as adrenalin rushed throughout his entire body. He said later, it took him 3 days to figure out that Mary by startling his physical body created a giant rush of adrenalin which transformed the remaining deadly toxins in his bloodstream. Other spiritual tests and Blessons followed over the years. In August 1999 Gary wasaccepted as a student by a higher dimensional level being in Unity Consciousness. He was requested to stop traveling and only train Sacred Merkaba Techniques Teachers. In this manner, the wondrous cleansings, special spiritual activations and incredibly effective healing methods of his Sacred Merkaba Techniques are nowbeing safely taught by properly trained and currently certified teachers to people around the world.

Unconditional Love is a state of awareness in life and is a gift from God, that is used by all practitioners of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques to activate their spiritual energy fields and thus expand their consciousnesses into Merkabas. The Sacred Merkaba Techniques are now available throughout the world. For additionaldetails about these techniques, the story of Creation, information about Ascension and the 10th dimensional Sun of God level Sacred Merkaba Techniques now being taught in our Adept 8 day Intensives, see our website