So you want to be a psychic, you have watched every episode of the Medium and are sure you can do what she does because really how hard can it be? And its true for some of you the gift of insight will flow effortlessly, words will spill like a fountain of knowledge from your mouth. But do you really ‘know’ what being a psychic really entails or are you happy to be a sideshow at a fair throwing out one line predictions. Look at it this way discovering you have a ‘gift’ for want of a better word, is like being given a new car on your 16th birthday just because you have the vehicle doesn’t mean you know how to drive it so you won’t hurt yourself or somebody else. This takes lessons, experience and a whole lot of learning.

When you read for someone they become a passenger and you are the one taking them on a journey whether they reach their destination safely is all in your hands. Some Psychics are very flippant about the information they give out, as long as they are getting paid they don’t really contemplate the words which come forth. This may come as a surprise to most but you are not meant to open your mouth and let what’s in your head out on every occasion. That is what we call ‘psychic gossip’ no different than overhearing a conversation which wasn’t meant for you but repeating it anyway. This is why we have a little thing called ‘asking permission’ this is when we respect the persons right to choose whether they wish the information or not.

Here’s another news flash the words Psychics utter are very powerful, only because people have this belief Psychics are somehow all knowing, bottom line is it’s the people who give the words power they just haven’t figured it out yet. But this raises the question of whether information should be filtered or shared in a different format than it was given, it also begs the question what is in the person’s highest good. So you see being a Psychic is not all cut and dry, and knowing the how and when is something which only comes with experience. I may know your husband is having an affair but really is it in your highest good to know this? This information is not only going to change your life but your children’s and even your husbands. Would I be better to ask for guidance for you which will help you become a stronger more self assured person, one who will cope if things fall apart. Maybe fate is better left in the hands of a Creator who knows what he/she is doing.

You not only have to know what to do with the information you get but also the information being requested.

“I want to know is he the one” The one line answer may be no he is not but ponder this sometimes people enter our lives with lessons which we need to learn in order to grow as spiritual beings. So you give out a simply “no he is not” she dumps him based on your ‘advice’ and moves onto the next relationship and two months later she is back asking the same question. Why because it wasn’t about him at all it was about her inability to form healthy relationships. So what would have happened had you said “here are the roadblocks which are stopping you forming healthy relationships” or “you need to build a healthy sense of self and here are a few ways to do this.” Yes it takes a little bit longer than the standard ‘yes/no’ replies but this is someone’s life you are talking about and being an intuitive is not a party trick or a neat game to amuse yourself with. I have picked up the pieces many a time and helped people put their lives back together all because someone with a little Psychic ability thought they were the next John Edwards.

If you want to be a Psychic make sure wanting to be careful, respectful and compassionate is on the list too. Find a mentor, build a foundation of ethical practices and remember this vehicle the gift of insight has the power to create but also destroy people their hopes, dreams and faith. But most of all remember to remain the messenger and not to slip into believing you are the one writing the message.

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Robin J Australia Psychic, Life Guide, Mere Mortal, who took a leap of faith and landed in Canada. Robin J gives you simple to follow steps to guide you through life’s challenges, it is not about dragging you onto the dance floor but getting you to partner the Universe to create an authentic life of abundance.

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